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Hi! It’s me!  Lily!!!

And we have BIRTHDAYS!!!!

Yesterday was David’s birthday.  It was on a Friday too, how does that work?  Remember that boy that he met when Little Miss Priss came over, when Sabby was running the friend dating service for Beth?   They still hang out, so he came over, and he brought some friends, and we had pizza and ice cream.  Little Miss Priss came over too, unfortunately, because she came with the package, and, well, she’s still Little Miss Priss.  But, oh well.  Liz came over too, and we all did girl stuff after the party was over.

David did like his presents.  Dave and Sabby got him a fancy microscope, Beth got him a book on programming, and I got him a men’s fragrance set.  Wasn’t trying to tell him to shower more, not at all…  But he still liked it all.  And he smells better than axe, at least.  Ewww.

After we had dinner, as I mentioned, we girls went up to do girl stuff (even Little Miss Priss) and David and his friends went out to play football in the back yard.  It’s sooo hot out, I don’t know how boys do it.


After work she’s going to come over and all the girls are coming and we’re going to have FUN!!!  We’ll make her her favorite grilled cheese sandwiches and have a cake for dessert!!!  I guess she doesn’t drink soda, so… maybe chocolate milk?  YAY CHOCOLATE!!  And she gets to play with Marie too!  I mean, ,she has her own dog, but friend dogs are cool too!!!

I don’t know if Mika and Aika are coming, but they’re invited, and Allison gets along pretty well with them… so we’ll see.  They do like coming to the waterpark.

What a busy and nice weekend!!!  Everyone’s having fun!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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