Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

The concert is tomorrow night!!!

So today was the dress rehearsal.

It went fairly well.

A few minor things, but of course we had notes after, and it should be fine.

After I did my part, I went out into the auditorium and watched the idols do their thing, and…  man, do they have stage presence.  All three of them strutting, dancing, and singing with the orchestra doing their things all dressed as Japanese high school students… it was actually kind of surreal.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time… even the conductor.  He told me after that he thought I was nuts at first but that it was actually a really good idea.  I told him to expect an unusually rowdy crowd when the idols are performing and to expect chants and glowsticks.  He thanked me for the warning.  He didn’t seem to mind though, as long as they don’t do that during the serious part.

I told him I might ask them not to do that in Japanese before I sit down.  He thinks that’s a good idea.  He said he took a peek at the numbers, and at least half of the tickets were sold to people from Japan.  Or at least with Japanese names.

So…  I guess tomorrow’s it.

I might not post until Saturday morning, but we’ll see.

Anyway, it was kind of a boomy day, some storms came through in the afternoon, and they were really boomy storms.  We were doing the rehearsal when they came through, and they kind of added to the ambience.  But the soundproofing is pretty good so they were easy to ignore.  That shouldn’t be an issue tomorrow.

Crystal’s band all bought tickets.  They said they wouldn’t miss that.  I wouldn’t have thought, really, because they don’t seem the type, but maybe I have my own draw.

Anyway…  I’ll be glad when this chapter of my story is over.  It was fun but it’s a lot of work and stress.  The idols are all safe in their futons right now.  They seem so happy.  I’m glad.  They’ll be leaving sometime next week.

I’ll kind of miss them.  They’re really bright, cheerful, and fun to have around.  I guess that’s what made them good idols.

But, we get to go to the waterpark before they go.  Yay!!!

I found out what the frilly dress is for.  Sabby wants to have a graduation ceremony at the shop before we go.  She’s put out the invite for any graduating homeschooled student in the city.  I guess a few are showing up.  Though why a frilly dress is beyond me.  I guess everyone else has to dress up too.

The idols are going too.  I have no idea what Sabby has planned.

Love you all!!! ❤️