This diary entry is part 17 of 30 in Lily's diary dated 11 - May 2022

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I had another dream last night.

I was in a large field.  Bluebonnets as far as the eye could see. but they looked a little larger and more vivid than usual.  The sky was a perfect blue with puffy clouds floating through the sky.  I looked down and… oh.  That’s why the bluebonnets are so big.  I’ was little.  I was wearing a little overall dress with a striped shirt and Mary Jane shoes.

The grass in the distance was waving around, and something was approaching me.  I was a little scared, but a little dog burst out and pounced on me!  It was Marie!  Not my Marie, but the one from my dream, before!  She licked me all over and I rolled around in the bluebonnets with her, giggling hysterically.  So much fun!!!  She bounded off and came back with a red spider lily!  She dropped it at my feet and sat down, panting.

I heard my name in the distance, and looked over to see two people.  One of them was the woman I’d met in my last dream, and the other was a slightly taller man with a kindly but stern face.  “Yuriko!  We have to go now!”

Suddenly a powerful sadness washed through me, so powerful that it took me by surprise, and I just burst into tears.  I fell down into the grass and Marie started licking me.  That’s when I woke up.

Marie was licking me.  I guess Sabby’d let her out of her cage while I was asleep.

The sadness hadn’t left yet, and I just started to cry.

I don’t know why I was so sad.  It was a beautiful dream, in a way.  I was sad when they told me I had to go.  Why?

I was lost in thought all day.  Sigh.

Love you all!!! ❤

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