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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I learned about a THIRD WATERPARK!!!


So I told my subscribers this a while ago, but I live in a town in Texas called Round Rock.  It’s a suburb of Austin, with about, umm…  120,000 people now?  It’s a nice little community.  You might have seen the tornado that hit us last month on the news, I wrote about it!  That’s how I met Diana!  But I kind of have to tell you because… WATERPARKS!!!

There’s, umm.. the Kalahari waterpark over near the Dell Diamond… there’s the Typhoon Texas over in Pflugerville (Pflugerville!  Hah!  What a silly name!!!), and I just found out about a third one near Old Settler’s Park!!!  There are waterparks everywhere!!!  The Kalahari is the third largest in the country, and it’s the one we’ve been going to, because it’s an indoor park!!!  It’s open year round!  The Typhoon Texas doesn’t open till tomorrow!!! I can’t keep saying “the waterpark” when there’s like three now!!!

I LOVE THE WATERPARK!!!!!  Well, as long as I keep my top.  hahah!!!

I think there might be some in Austin too.  I don’t know.  But they’re all clustered around me!  Round Rock has all the best stuff nearby!  We’ve got the baseball team!  We’ve got the waterparks!  We’ve got the Ikea (OMG I love the meatballs!!!) – well, Georgetown does but it’s close!! There’s a mall just down the tollway!!!  It’s such a nice place to live!!!

Except Sabby tells me it’s getting really, really expensive to have a house here.  Boo!!!

But the Austin area is really growing, with lots of new towers!  That’s why Dave’s still doing well!  Structural engineers are needed for thousand foot towers!!!  I hear he’s working on that big “supertall” they’re just starting work on downtown!!!

I didn’t want to tell you where I lived because some of you are silly-billies, but it’s hard to talk about things when I can’t talk about things!!!  Dave wants me to tell you he believes in the second amendment.  Not sure what that means, but he thought it was important.

I just asked him!  He says it means that if someone comes after me, they won’t be long for this earth!!!  That’s kinda sad, but…  he loves me!!!

I guess Kevin was lucky he just got told off.


It’s the first Friday after school ends, and everyone has no school now!  And I don’t have to work tomorrow!  PARTY!!!! All the girls are over!!!  There’s sooo much stuff going on!  Games!  Movies!!  Selfies!  Sooo many selfies!!! Crystal was teaching Allison how to do duckface!  That might not be popular when she gets home!!!  Diana made us tacos, Sabby made cookies, Dave grilled the meat for the tacos…  OMG what a fun night!!!  Everyone’s settled down now, we’re going to make a pile, and sleep in a little tomorrow.  We’re heading to that space tomorrow for their party! The Texan Tinkerer has something to display too!  It’ll be fun, he told me about it!!!  He said he’s put a hundred hours of work into it so far!  I believe it!!!  He’s a little awkward but really knows his stuff!

Anyway, it’s time to brush each others’ hair and tell stories!  Allison’s really good at telling stories!  She might be nine but everyone listens, she’s got quite the imagination!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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