This diary entry is part 3 of 30 in Lily's diary dated 11 - May 2022

Hi! It’s me!  Lily!

So Sabby’s doing a bit better.  I got her a chocolate shake, and Dave worked his “magic”, and she seems a bit happier this morning.  We suggested she make some cookies.  That always helps too.

It was a weird day.  Sabby taught us about the court, and why she was so angry.  I guess I understand a bit better now.

Oh oh oh I get to meet Liz’s boy on Friday!!!  She’s going on a date with him and I’m invited to dinner anyway – I guess they’ll do other stuff after dinner.  Like kiss!  Hahaha!!!  But Liz wants me to meet him.  They had a second date over the weekend and she’s just sooo besotted!!!

It’s funny!  It would be more funny if I weren’t the same way with Jack when I met him!!!

His name is Kevin and he’s about our age.  He’s not Chinese but she doesn’t seem to mind.  He’s pretty respectful of her heritage, and as she explains it, “He, umm… likes my body type.”  Guess that’s not a big deal, as long as that’s not the only thing he likes.  She assures me it isn’t.  She says he’s really smart and plays piano.  I guess we’ll have to have a piano-off someday!!!

Speaking of piano, the recital is at the end of the month, just after school lets out!!!  I… I’m a bit nervous.  I know I can play well enough but there are so many rules!!  Stand up!  Bow!  Sit down!  Act natural!  Act unnatural!!!  Shoot people who cough! HAHAhAHA!!!  Not really.

Oh remember that space that the “Texan Tinkerer” guy has a lab in?  Sabby’s buying us memberships!!!  We get to learn how to use lasers, and do woodworking, and all that kinda stuff!!!  That should be fun!!!

Anyway, gotta go now.  Marie needs walked.

Love you all!!! ❤

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