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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Today I worked!

I didn’t do much else!

I went to work in the morning after my run and shower, and came home this evening.  I’m not sure I much like it.  I think I’d rather have fun and go to the mall and the waterpark!  But working is important, I guess.  I need to be able to afford gas, especially now!  And today was Memorial Day, so again, lots of people came around to buy horrifically unhealthy but admittedly pretty tasty food.

And they do have lots of chocolate.

So I came home just in time for dinner, and as usual Sabby made something delicious.  Beth can’t seem to make up her mind if she’s jealous that I’m working or feels sorry for me.  I mean, she likes to go shopping and have money, but she can’t really work yet until she’s sixteen.  There’s this Pita place over near the 45 and 35 interchange where they seem to hire only teenagers, so I suggested she apply there when she’s old enough.  Or HEB.  HEB seems to be a good first place to work.  I don’t know, though.  I like where I work.  For now, anyway.

Marie missed me when I came home!  After dinner I took her for a nice long walk, and she loves walks!  She sniffs everything!

Anyway, quiet day.  Not much to talk about.  The Japan trip is coming up soon!  In about a month, give or take.  Emiko and I are talking a lot more trying to get the details down.  I think Jack’s a little jealous, but he’ll deal.  If he wants to come with me to Japan, he has to put a ring on me.  Haha!!

Besides, I also see him in a while, too!  Yay!!!  I miss him soo much.  I mean, we video call but it’s not the same.  Grace’s dog is really growing up, though!  She named it Lily!  Awwwww!!!!!!

Lots of stuff happening this summer, but kinda spaced out, but it’ll be so much fun!  I hope I get to go to the waterpark too a couple of times!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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