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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

More work today.  Everyone was coming home from the holiday.  The people who come in during the weekdays are sooo different than the people on weekends.  You got folks in business suits or skirts and heels coming in to pick up a breakfast sandwich on the way to work, or a snack for lunch.  They’re not as leisurely as weekend folks, they just want to get their stuff and go.  Can’t blame them, I guess.  But woe to any karen who crosses them!!!  I heard “lady, just let it go, I have somewhere to be” today at least once.

Of course the karens don’t care – to a point.  When there’s a line of people behind you telling you loudly to shut up and drop it, even karens sometimes wilt under that kind of pressure.

I can never work by myself either because I’m sixteen.  That means I can’t sell alcohol or cigarettes.  I mean, I don’t know if it’s legal or not, but the owner doesn’t allow it, and as much as he likes me, he doesn’t trust anyone under 21 to not buy stuff for their friends – and that could get him into serious trouble.  So I’d rather just let him handle it.  Usually he’s there when I am, and while I’m doot dooting he’s in the office doing office stuff, or unpacking pallets, or whatever he has to do.  He says he likes me up front because I’m a pretty face and pretty faces sell more.  No, silly billies, he doesn’t say it creepily and he treats me fine.  It’s all business, and he’s right.

Sometimes his wife comes in to help too.  She’s a nice older Indian lady.  She’ll bring Indian food for lunch and lets us eat some too.  It’s nice of her!  I pay it back by bringing extra Sabby cookies when she gets on a tear, and as I said, those are popular.  In fact, they’re so popular that people are extra nice so I don’t cut off their supply.  LOL!!!

I saw a car at the pumps today that made me laugh sooo hard!  It had a bunch of bumper stickers, and the Japanese word フックオフ.  I won’t tell you what it means, and it’s misspelled anyway (should be オーフ).  But I laughed sooo hard!!!  It’s almost as funny as if someone had put ざけんなよ.  Hehehe!!!

So David update: he is NOT having a good time.  He called the night he got there, pretty much crying.  Apparently he mouthed off to one of the counselors and he had to help do the dishes for the whole camp!  Sabby just said “good, I’m sure you deserved it.  Don’t come crying to me unless you’re actually hurt.”  Sounds like it might be a good place for him.

So Marie needs walked, Beth needs brushed, and sleep needs… sleeped.  Bye!

Love you all!!! ❤

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