Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’ve been staring at that Lycoris Radiata for a while now.  Just staring at it.  It’s beautiful, but that’s all it is.  It feels like it’s staring back at me, but it doesn’t have any eyes, just that maddening soft glow that pulses inside it.

He told me it’s industructible and keyed to me – no one else can use it.  But I don’t even know how to use it!  It’s just a pretty flower sculpture!

Oh well.  I guess it’s nice to have around anyway.  I mean I’ve had it for a long time and it hasn’t done anything – good or bad.  It’s just been sitting there, on my shelf.

Anyway, something weird happened today.  I mean, weird even for me.  Mrs. X came by with some kind of special passport.  I don’t really understand it either.  It’s like my ordinary passport, but apparently it lets me travel anywhere in the world (that a US Passport is accepted, I’d better not get caught in North Korea) without having to check in with customs.  And to return to America, too.  It’s like a diplomatic passport on steroids.  She told me to keep it on my person at all times.  Even to hang it around my neck in the shower (sufficiently waterproofed, of course) and when I’m, er, with Jack.  I might make a little adhesive pocket to stick to my side.

She said “do not abuse it or it will cause a major diplomatic incident, and you do not want to be responsible for starting a war between the US and Japan.”  Message received.  She was being a bit hyperbolic but I get it.  No smuggling stuff in.  Not that I would anyway, of course.  I’m a good girl.

I didn’t even know one of those existed.  Neither did Dave.  Or anyone else I asked.  Even a net search only brought up rumors.

I asked her why.  She shrugged.  Said she the order came from higher up.

She’s… really high up.  How much higher up?

And why?

I’m… starting to wonder something.

Something really interesting.

But I’m not going to say it here.

Except to say…

I wonder if I’m not the only person in the world with one of these “gateways” inside me.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m not.

So… who else does?

Things sure took a weird turn.

Anyway, Liz is still over today, but I’m almost to the point where I can be alone.  It’s been nice having her around, and Sabby appreciates it too.  I can’t really return the favor but she says I really don’t need to, a walking temple needs to be taken care of.

Sigh.  I appreciate the sentiment, but I do kind of wish I wasn’t treated with kid gloves sometimes.  I’m still Lily.  I know Liz doesn’t mean to do it, but it would be really easy to worship me as an idol, and I don’t want that! Again, not saying anyone does, but it’d be really easy.  I’ve seen how they treat people they think are the next incarnation of the Buddha.

But she’s also my best friend, I guess that counts for a lot.

My head feels fine now, and I can walk a lot better.

That guy was not bailed out, it seems.  It looks like this was not his first time being arrested for DUI.  Or even his second.  At this point he’s looking at serious prison time.  I might have to testify in his trial, though I don’t see why I would.  I mean, I wasn’t even awake for most of it.  Maybe just for a victim statement or something.  I saw his mugshot.  He… did not look good.

Honestly…  I wasn’t hurt too badly.  I didn’t lose any body parts, losing my car wasn’t the end of the world, insurance took care of the difference…. I’m not really mad.  I’m just sad.  What makes someone do that to themselves?

Life hurts sometimes.  You meet all sorts of people.  Some are really nice, like Dave and Sabby.  And some…  I saw that some semi-famous YouTuber was arrested a few days ago for possession of a large amount of cocaine… amongst other things.  Some people were ready to throw the book at him.  Others were just…  sad.  That’s what addiction does to people, right?  It destroys them, from the inside out.

I’m glad that didn’t happen to Crystal.  I can see how it could.


I’m going to try to venture downstairs tomorrow… maybe take a short walk.  The doc says I should be fine to try.

Love you all!!! ❤️
From the creator:

And some plot points I didn’t even know needed to resolve are starting to resolve.  It’s kind of amazing how that works, actually.  You’re gonna love the next few months… maybe.

This is the first of a few times in which if this were anything like reality, Mrs. X. would have told her, in no uncertain terms, DO NOT POST THIS IN YOUR DIARY.  Technically, even the existence of that passport is a government and diplomatic secret (in-story, I’ve no idea about real life).

But how would I be able to tell her story if she didn’t?  I’d have to tell it here or in a meta-diary, and I just don’t feel like setting that up, especially when we’re in the home stretch and the story is ending in a few months.

So she’s telling the world.  In story, she said nothing.  It has to be that way.

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