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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Today is Cinco De Mayo!  I have no idea what that means.  It’s some Mexican thing.  But people celebrate it by eating tacos and wearing sombreros and… and…  um.  Something.  Mexican music?  Shrug.

Dave, of course, celebrated it by putting a jar of mayonnaise in the sink.

Of course he did.

We got storms today!!!  It kind of spat rain on and off this afternoon, most of the storms went to our north.  But then we got lots of boomies and it rained pretty hard!!!  And then it stopped raining and the sky was really pretty!!!  Clouds that looked like my floppy bits!!!  Well, more like Sabby’s floppy bits!  HAHAHA!!!!

I hear that Allison was sick!  Awwww!!!  But she’s better now.

Sabby’s thinking of what to do for our final exams.  They’re not going to be like real final exams because she already knows what we’re learning and how we’re doing, but I guess we gotta do something.  So she’s going to give us projects based upon what we’re learning.  My recital is going to be a final exam, but also I’ll have to do something for Japanese, maybe write something.  And Dave wants us to build an electronic project of some kind.  Maybe involving LEDs.  I love LEDs!  They’re so bright and pretty!!!  He got us each a spool of those, what do they call it, WS2812B? and we have to make something with those and an arduino.  Seems like fun.  And I have to change the oil in my car without help.

I’m not the greatest at electronics and programming but they’ve taught me the basics of how to solder and I can write a basic arduino program, so… I guess I can do that.

David’s really getting into the electronics, but I’m not too interested, though it’s nice to understand it enough to make projects if I want to.  Like a big flashy sign that says “my top stays on!”  hahaha!!!!

I’m looking forward to meeting Liz’s boy.  I hope I like him.

Okay it’s bedtime!

Love you all!!! ❤

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