Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Well, Anathema’s wedding was yesterday.  She’s married now.

The wedding was nice.  Not ostentatious or anything.  We all went to the shop, which was “closed for a private event”.  The pastor officiated, and lots of family and friends showed up.  It wasn’t anything tearjerking with roses and trellises and professions of undying love – it was a simple affair.  Well.. mostly.

Joe went off script.

They weren’t going to do their own vows, and they repeated after the pastor what he asked them to say.  But then, just before the vows, Joe opened up.  And he told Anathema exactly how he felt about her.

Apparently he hadn’t done that before, not that way, because Anathema started sniffling, and so did most of the women in the audience.  He told her how beautiful she is, and how much he admired her for turning her life around and respecting her baby, and how much he looked forward to spending his life with her and the baby.  He told her he’d give his life to protect her if necessary, and that he’d thought his life was fulfilled with the military until he met her.  She then just forgot herself and hugged him tightly, and, well, everyone clapped.  That wasn’t agreed on so she didn’t have anything prepared, but no one seemed to mind, not least Joe.

Then the pastor cleared his throat.  He had a ceremony to finish.  They looked embarrassed, and very soon, they were married.

And the reception began.

Crystal’s band had set up to do a few songs, and they did, and then the idols came up, and Crystal’s band had prepared something for them too (they actually worked a lot faster than I thought they would).  Everyone was dancing around and waving glowsticks and all that.  After that Sabby brought out a huge cake and they fed each other (of course Joe smushed cake in her face and she laughed, and promised to get him back that night, and he gulped…) and after they opened their presents, they both went off to begin their honeymoon.

We partied more for the rest of the night.  Baker doesn’t usually make pizza, but she knows how, so she made us some pizzas, and after she was done cooking we had her join in the festivities.  She didn’t seem to know what to do with herself but everyone had a good time.

As promised, a few otaku were outside at the appointed time, and Yuki, Haruka, Suzuka, and I went out to sign autographs.  I’ll never get used to that, but I guess being “train onee-chan” has its privileges.  I’m not as famous as I was a few months ago, but people still know who I am, and apparently I have a fan club.

No idea when that started, but at least it’s for less embarrassing reasons than Mio.

I got a call from Anathema in the middle of the night.  She said she was very happy and having a good time.  I think I heard Joe in the background saying weakly “help me”, and the sound of a light smack and a groan.  Haha!!!

She said he was fine, she was just taking out her frustrations on him, and they agreed tonight was her night.  And she took full advantage.  Because of course she did, she’s Anathema.

I heard weakly, “yeah, she’s right, I’m okay” *light smacK* *grooooan* and then she said she had to go, it was time for round ten.

I heard the groan again.  Haha!!!!

Joe may be in the military and in great shape, but she’s had her own basic training…  and it mostly involves kegels… haha!!!

Oh wait, I’m not supposed to know what those are.  Pretend you didn’t hear it.  And don’t look it up!!!

Okay, so last night while everything was wrapping up, Jack and I had a talk.  A very long talk.  About things we’ve been kind of dancing around for the past few months.  About our future.

We didn’t break up.  But we’re both worried.  He’s going off to Toledo, I’m going off to Japan, and…  we’ll see each other again, but it’s going to be hard.  We got ourselves into a lot, and it’s scary.  It’s not so much “what am I going to do without him”, it’s “Four years is a long time and can we really say we’re with each other if we’re ten thousand miles away and only see each other a few times a year?”

We didn’t break up, but… I don’t know.  It felt like we came a lot closer to that than we’d ever been before.  Neither of us want to, but…

But we remembered our promise to each other, the one we made in Orlando two years ago, and…  that’s still important to us.  So we’re talking it out instead of, well, doing something else.

I love him.  I really love him.  I can’t imagine being with anyone else and I want to be with him and have come home and have little Jack/Lily babies running around… but how do we get here from there?  I don’t really know, and neither does he.  It seems so far away and so unachievable.  I mean, we spent time with each other, and we’ve seen each other in ways no one else has, not even our parents, and it’s so nice when he does stuff to with me that would make this a subscriber post if I told you, but… is that all there is?  There should be more.  There could be more.  Why isn’t there?

Is it just because we’re still not adults in a very real way?  Or is it because our relationship isn’t?

Anyway…  we’re still together.  He’s not going away, and neither am I.  But I wish I knew how long that would last.

Other news…  well, there really isn’t any.  There were storms again last night.  There seem to be so many lately, but I guess that’s May in Central Texas.  We went to church today, nothing really special happened there.  Crystal brought her band over to practice, and Sabby’s booked a slot for them in a few weeks.  Anathema called today kinda pouty that apparently she wore Joe out so badly he’s just slept all day, but I told her that that’s what happens, and she has the rest of her life to wear him out again.

Apparently tonight he gets to return the favor, and she was almost quivering with excitement.  That girl is insatiable!!!

Alright…  Enough of that I suppose.  I’m pushing the limits of PG. But that’s what happens with weddings, so…

Love you all!!! ❤️