Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Well… I did not expect that.

Haruka’s been in a bit of a funk since the wedding.  She’s still working hard and everything but you can tell she’s a little… off.  After lunch she’ll go off and walk for a little while… I think she went to the konbini today and got a chocolate shake.

I finally asked her what’s wrong, and she just kind of stood there, looking at me, and it looked like her eyes were going to brim over…. then she ran up to the room and hid in a futon.

Of course I followed her.

When I got up there she was crying.

Of course I didn’t know why, Japanese people don’t usually ugly-cry, but she kinda was.  So I just kind of held her until she could get a coherent word out…

She’s lonely.  Not homesick, but lonely.

She’s in her early twenties and has never had a boyfriend, and kind of is starting to feel left out.


It’s funny how people that are adored by so many other people can be so alone.

Anyway, I guess she just needed to get it out…  I told her if she wants a boyfriend, she should go about finding a boyfriend.  She said it’s not that easy, I said there are about thirty million people in Tokyo, there should be at least one who wants to take her to bed…

She swatted me and laughed.

“That’s not a problem,” she said.  “There are thousands of otaku, some of which actually even smell good, that would jump at the chance.  But I want a boyfriend“.  You know, someone who’ll put a ring on me and wed me and put a baby in me and… you know.  All that stuff.”

Yeah, I understand.

“What’s yours like?”, she asked.

So…  I told her.  Everything.  Stuff I haven’t even told you.  I told her how I met him, and how we fell in love, and how we’re having some difficulties lately, and…  well, I ended up crying a little too.

Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you’re around someone who doesn’t have it.

Isn’t that how it always work.s…

She’s a little better now.  We don’t usually girl-pile, Japanese people aren’t really all that into it (who am I kidding, many Americans aren’t either, I’m just weird) but I offered tonight…  she might even take me up on it.

I’m not a boyfriend and I don’t swing that way, but I am a warm body and maybe she needs that right now.

Otherwise…  it was a pretty quiet day.  Everything’s going as it should.

For now.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

One of the questions I’ve gotten repeatedly from the very few people who read this diary is “what’s the deal with the girl-piles?  Are you being hentai and putting your fetishes on girls?  They wouldn’t do that!!!”

Yeah, they would.  I got this directly from a teenage girl I used to know, a very long time ago.  Of course I never saw it or participated (I mean, come on) but she told me about it.  Piles of girls all over the place, sometimes two or three deep, to hear her tell it.  I know it’s not a usual thing, and she was not… in the best place mental health wise, but…  it’s a real thing.

Girls are not boys or men, and sometimes they do their own thing, and I think those of us who are not girls would occasionally be shocked.

Was she making it up?  I suppose it’s possible.  She wasn’t the type to make things up.

Anyway… that’s where that came from.  Believe me or not, I don’t care.

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