Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Liz had her recital tonight.  She shared the stage with two other violinists.

It went well.

I accompanied her on a couple of pieces, and she did a solo.  She did really well!!!  I put on my nice dress and some flat shoes and kind of limped out on stage, but once I sat down, I played just fine.  She did really well too, she didn’t get a standing ovation, but there were a few whoops.  I think that was Crystal, though.  Hah!!!

Yeah, all the girls came.  That seemed to mean a lot to Liz.  Liz isn’t exactly a social butterfly, but we’re all her friends, and even though it’s not really Crystal’s type of music, she came anyway.

Otherwise, it’s pretty quiet.  All the girls are over and we got Liz a big ol’ cake.  And now that we are in a chocolate haze, we’re just sitting around and chatting.

Another last…  Awww.

Love you all!!! ❤️