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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

… I was right.

So Liz went out on her fourth date with Kevin last night, and, well…  you know how some people think that you’re entitled to some things after a third date?  Well, he’s one of those guys.  He got her into a room and started putting his hands in places where they didn’t belong.  Liz told him to stop, and while he didn’t, umm…  push… he didn’t stop.  She smacked him one and ran out.  She got home and when she called me she was crying.  She thought he was the best!  And, well…  he wasn’t.

I guess that’s what felt off.  He’s one of those guys who’ll be anything you want him to be, as long as you “give up the goods”.

I let her stay over and make a mini-pile last night.  You know how I said Liz isn’t cuddly?  Well… she isn’t.  But…  I guess sometimes a girl just needs a hug, because she never let go of me all night.  Sometimes I’d wake up and feel her silently shaking.  I just squeezed her tighter and let her cry it out.

After I left for work she went back to talk to her parents about it.  And I… well, let’s just hope I don’t see him around.

Poor Liz.  At least she was able to get away.  I’m sure he thought he was being a gentleman.


After I got home from work I had Sabby take me and Liz to the mall, and we drowned her sorrows in pizza and ice cream.  She seemed to feel better, and hopefully she isn’t hurt too badly.  And maybe next time she’ll listen instead of thinking I’m being jealous!

Oh, and today was Mother’s Day.  Though Sabby didn’t want us to do anything special.  It’s actually one of her least favorite days because she doesn’t think a day that just makes florists money is sincere.  But I did buy her a cinnabon at the mall, and tough if she didn’t lilke it!

Sigh.  Marie’s whining.  Time for a walk!

Love you all!!! ❤

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