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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I didn’t post last night!!!  My net went out and I didn’t get it back until we were all in bed, and then it was too late!!!  Usually the girls and I watch youtube videos or anime or zoom and we couldn’t do any of that!!!  So…  we just played board games.

Crystal is vicious at monopoly.

And Liz is just as vicious at scrabble…

I didn’t post the night before because, well, I was busy.  I can’t post every night.  But I wanted to last night!  Promise!  I just couldn’t.

Otherwise, it was a nice, cloudy, and cool Saturday.  Not too cold, not too wet, not too dry, not too warm… just great.  We all bundled up a bit today and went to the park.  We took Marie along and threw the ball.  Marie loves it when you throw the ball.  She goes and gets it and brings it back, and she’s really proud of herself, too.  I mean, ball fetching is hard work, right??

We also had a little more shopping to do for our trip, so we went to the mall and the sporting goods store.  We’re going to fill up the back of one of the SUVs!!!

Ai is a little jealous.  She wants to see the US too.  But…  I don’t know how that’s going to work.  Maybe we’ll take her up to Dallas to visit Rebecca.

Oh!  Did I mention???  They figured it out, and all the aidols are coming on Christmas!!!  I don’t know how we’ll find room, but we’ll make it, I guess.  Maybe I’ll set up an indoor tent like Rebecca has and we’ll put sleeping bags down.  It won’t be too different from the bed rolls they’re used to anyway.  Or maybe just forget the tent and put sleeping bags down.  Or we’ll all just make a pile… but Japanese people aren’t usually all that keen on close physical contact if they’re not doing, well, adult stuff.  So…  we’ll see how it goes.  I told Ai to warn them that there’s no KFC.  She laughed and said she’ll tell them.

Oh, did you know that?  KFC is a big deal for Christmas in Japan.  Apparently some marketing guy lied and told some Japanese people that KFC is a huge tradition here, and, well, it stuck. They take pre-orders and everything.  I can’t decide if that’s cool, hilarious, or a little weird.  It’s true!!!

I think they are looking forward to meeting Yuki, too.  I’ve warned them ixnay on the orshipway, but I guess you can’t completely shut it down.  But joke’s on them, Yuki might be going back to Japan for the holidays.  Don’t know, though, guess we’ll see.  She tries to avoid it, but she does have family, and they’re not on awful terms.  She really hates getting mobbed at the airport and on the train, and maybe it’s too much to ask that she’s already been forgotten.  She’s trying to bring them here to visit instead.  It might be fun to meet her family.

I’d go back with her to support her, but…  well…  the aidols are coming.  That’d be rude.

Oh I told Yuki why they’re named “aidols”.  She busted out laughing.  It’s funnier because she actually knows one of the idols they’re named after.  Not close or anything, but they’ve met.

Anyway…  it’s a pretty nice weekend.  I’ve never tried chowder, and I’ve heard it’s good for days like today.  I asked Sabby if she’d get some.  She thought that was a great idea.  She said it’s no good unless you pronounce it “chowdah”, though. Haha!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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