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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Your favorite Lily!

I hope!!!!

If I’m not, please hold at the end of this diary for an important survey!  Hahaha!!!!!!

Anyway, it’s Saturday.

I like Saturdays.

I woke up this morning and Liz was all snuggly.  Awww.  I don’t mind cuddling Liz.  She’s small, and soft, and smells good.  Like Marie!  But less hair!  Hahah!  I know she has a boy now (not quite a boyfriend yet, but she’s working on it) but she does seem to get lonely sometimes.  She doesn’t have a lot of friends.  Her parents don’t push her quite as hard as they used to, but she still has Chinese classes (she speaks it well, but it’s not her native language), violin, dance, tutoring… you know, all the stuff that parents would make a daughter they want to excel attend.  After the small crisis around this time last year (has it been that long???) they let off a bit, which is why I can sleep over at her place sometimes, but they still have high expectations for her.

She doesn’t seem to mind, but she does get lonely.

Sometimes when we sleep over she kind of clings to me like I’m her teddy bear, and doesn’t really want to let go.  Every now and then she cries a little too, but that’s not often, and she seems to feel better afterwards.  I guess that’s what being a best friend is about – she returns the favor sometimes too, like when Crystal, well, did that.

In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay Jack and Liz for how they were there for me.

But I can try.

Anyway, after I got back from Liz’s and did my walk, we went over to the shop to see what Dave and David did, and…. and… it’s amazing!!!!  It’s the best thing ever!!!  They had a sign put up, and a display case, and there’s lots of industrial baking stuff in the backroom… and my benefactor came through and got it all licensed and approved!  Dave was careful to say that they didn’t let him cut corners, but they were very prompt with feedback and let him get things fixed quickly.  So Sabby has a shop now.  We’re going to open in a couple of weeks.  And I have a place to experiment with making chocolate too!  Once I get good at it she’ll use it for her cookies!

One thing, though, is that we’re still technically home schooled, so we’ll have to figure something out.  Beth and I go to college classes so much of our schooling is there, so it’s not too big a deal for us, but…  David…  well, he might need to start going to a private school.  I’m sure he’ll love that.  But given how good he is with the girls, maybe he actually will.

Ummm… what are we unleashing?


Well, we’ll see!!! 

Anyway she’s got a big industrial mixer and big industrial oven and lots of big industrial stuff for making food!  She’ll be able to make loads and loads of cookies!  Yaaaay!!!

I can’t use the industrial machines until I’m 18, but I can always doot doot and work on making chocolate (which doesn’t require big machines because the batches are smaller, for now, anyway) and help do the finances.  So I’ll have plenty to do.

Oh speaking of that, did I tell you?  I didn’t!  The people that manage my trust settled!  My trust is still there (and not doing as well as I’d like because of the economy) but they gave me a lot of money to make up for what I missed out on because of mismanagement!!!  And I don’t have to wait to use that!!! So I’m putting half of it into Sabby’s (and my) business, and the other half into savings!!!


Who am I kidding.  A small amount of it goes to chocolate.

I mean, it’s me we’re talking about!!!

Anyway, this is long.  I didn’t even tell you about my date with Jack tonight!  But some other time.  It was a nice date. I love Jack and he loves me.


Love you all!!! ❤

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