This diary entry is part 14 of 29 in Lily's diary dated 17 - November 2022

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

My beans fermented!  Yaaay!!!

So now they’re in the dehydrator getting nice and dry.

They’re so eewwww right now but… they turn into chocolate!!!

Otherwise, it’s Wednesday.  A nice, quiet Wednesday.

This evening Grace, Lily, and Jack came over for dinner!!! Well, Grace and Jack.  Lily and Marie played in the backyard.  They get along fine!!!  Grace had mac and cheese!  She loves mac and cheese!  But Dave grilled for the rest of us!!! It was yummy as always!!!  It’s so cold outside though!!!  Jack’s place has a good grill, but apparently they were doing some repaving at his parking lot and it was a huge mess!!!  Lots and lots of big machines!!!  Grace loved it!!!  But Lily wasn’t very happy, which was one reason they took her over here to play with Marie.

But it was nice having them over.

Dave bought one of those big turkey deep fryers!!!  I hear they’re dangerous.  I told Dave if he gets hurt, I’ll make it hurt twice as much! 

At least he had the decency to gulp.

Sabby backed me up on that, though.  There’s a safe way to do it, and a not so safe way.

But Jack and Grace went home.  Awww.  Oh well, at least we see each other on most weekends.  And Thanksgiving is near!!!

I haven’t heard how Allison’s doing, though.  I should ask.

Love you all!!! ❤

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