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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  Businesswoman Lily!

Not really.  I’m still just Lily.  But after adding subscribers yesterday, Sabby suggested I play around with posting an ad on Facebook!  I don’t know why, it’s just my site, but she thought it would be good experience for me to learn how to do business stuff, so I did!  Maybe you’re seeing this because of that ad!  Hi!  I hope you enjoy what I write!  It’s fun to write and it’s fun to make new friends!  It wasn’t too expensive either!  Though my tech friend might have his head explode if I send too much traffic to the site!  Maybe at least I can start paying for the site on my own!  I think that would be good!

I’m learning soooo much!!!

Four days to Florida!!! Yaaaaaay!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!  Liz told me the name of her cousin finally, it’s not that she didn’t want me to know it, it’s that she thought I wouldn’t be able to pronounce it!  She was right!  But it’s good to try anyway, right?  I’ll be glad to meet her!!!  I wonder if she likes chocolate like I do!!!

Liz doesn’t, so who knows?  But I love Liz anyway, even if she is a flawed human.  I mean, not liking CHOCOLATE?  What’s the world coming to!  I tease her all the time.  She asks me to pronounce her Chinese name.  Fair play, Liz.  You get to not like chocolate, and I get to call you Liz.  Works for me.

We have company coming over Friday night, and it’s not Liz’s parents!  Well, I guess it could be, but it’s not only Liz’s parents.  Sabby found a potential friend for Beth, and they’re coming over to meet.  Beth doesn’t seem too enthused, and from how Sabby was talking, the potential friend isn’t all that enthused either.  I’m sure it’ll work out.  If it doesn’t, well, there’s plenty of FriendFish in the sea, right?  I kind of see Beth’s point – I imagine it feels a bit like being paraded around in a pageant, but I see Sabby’s too – her old friends were bad news, even Beth thought they were bad news, being homeschooled, Beth doesn’t have huge chances to make new friends, and run on sentences are great!!!  So Beth will deal.  I do need to remind Sabby that she can lead a Beth to friends, but she can’t make them giggle.  If they don’t like each other, they don’t like each other.

But I’m sure Sabby knows that.  She’s pretty smart.

Anyway, it’s dinnertime.  The kitchen smells like Sabby food, and I want to get me some of that!  So I’m going to go eat now.  Welcome to any new folks!  Love you all!!!  Especially new folks!!! ❤️

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