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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It’s Girl Thanksgiving!!!

What’s Girl Thanksgiving, you might ask?

Well, since Crystal and Diana have plans for Actual Thanksgiving, everyone came over tonight and we had Girl Thanksgiving!!!  Liz, Crystal, Diana, Beth of course, even Allison!  Though she’s a bit tired from being sick.

We didn’t have turkey, but Dave grilled up something special and we ate and drank.  And afterwards, we all talked about what we were thankful for.

And while we each had our things, we all said we were thankful that Crystal is alive and here.

And she started crying.

But they were happy tears.

Of course I also said I was thankful for chocolate – because I am.  Hahaha!!!

Afterwards, we all watched a movie, and now we’re all in our pajamas and ready to play some games before bedtime!  We’ll all make a huge girl-pile tonight!!!

I just hope the farter, well, doesn’t. Hahaha!!!


Oh and Sabby’s birthday is coming up.  I have to think of a really nice present for her!!!  Any ideas???

Love you all!!! ❤

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