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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

We made it to the campsite.  It was another long drive, but we’re here.  There’s cell service but it’s spotty and I’m having a tough time writing this, but it’s working, kind of.  It was another day of the same, you know, endless driving, etc.  But it’s really pretty out here.  I didn’t know the desert was so pretty.  We set up a few tents.  There’s a bathroom but it’s shared, and a shower we can use but it costs a buck or so.  Fortunately they take credit (how’d they pull that off in the middle of nowhere?).  There’s a little gift shop and cafe too but it’s not really all that.  I guess, what did you expect from a campsite though?

It’s pretty cold but the sleeping bag is warm and there’s a place to have a campfire, so that’s nice.  They set one up and it’s really nice.

I’m… feeling a bit off, though.  I slept most of the way and I’m still tired.  I’m going to sleep.

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