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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Yuki is coming with Liz’s family and I!!!

I didn’t ask.  It wouldn’t have been appropriate.  It was Liz’s idea.  She said Yuki should see what our country has to offer, and if that means taking an extra person along, she’s fine with that.  Besides, her family is curious about Yuki.  They’re Chinese, and don’t know a lot about Japanese people, except for… well, we don’t talk about that.  They don’t hold a grudge, but they think it’d be good to get to know an actual Japanese person instead of just thinking the worst because of… well, we still don’t talk about that.  Let’s just say the Chinese and Japanese… well… they don’t get along well sometimes.

Besides, Liz likes her.  They’re not best friends like we are, but she respects Yuki for all the stuff she’s done in her life.  She says “Japanese people did some awful stuff, but she wasn’t born then, so…  why hold it against her?”

That’s why I love Liz.

Yuki’s really excited.  She has no idea what to bring on a trip like that!  I promised to take her shopping.  I have to go shopping myself.  I don’t even have a sleeping bag!

I don’t know if I’ll have cell service there, so…  I might just have to not write until I get back.  We’ll see.  Aww.

And it’s not long!!!

Beth’s a little jealous, but Sabby told her that she’ll get all the turkey and trimmings, and I’ll be eating bugs.  Beth seemed a little mollified by that… the little…  GRRRR.  I won’t be eating bugs.  But Beth doesn’t have to know that.

When Beth gets jealous she turns awful.

Oh well.  That’s Beth.

The drum set arrived, and Dave helped me set it up in the garage.  I kind of stink at it.  It’s not that I can’t keep up a ryhthm – of course I can.  But getting my feet to work at the same time as my hands is a little different than the piano.  Dave told me I can only practice for an hour a day, because otherwise the neighbors will start complaining.  That’s fine.  It shouldn’t be a problem.  Crystal still has a long way to go anyway.

David wants to play on it too.  I told him fine, but if he damages it, I’ll take it out of his hide.  I said it with my most evil grin, and reminded him of what I did to Beth a couple of years ago when she honked my floppy bits.  He had the decency to gulp, anyway.  If you don’t remember, I slung her over my shoulder, then made her and Crystal wash my car.  David…  I’ll probably just sneak onto his game console and delete all of his saved games.  I told him that, too.  Right to his face.

“You wouldn’t”, he said.

“Watch me,” I said.

He has been pretty careful with it.  Thankfully.  Just because I have a little money doesn’t mean I’m going to spend it on stupid stuff like fixing stuff David broke.  That’s for college.

Speaking of a little money, I took the distribution when my trust fund matured and put it into a better investment managed by an actual fiduciary.  It’s not doing great but I feel better knowing that I have some control over it.  Once bitten, twice shy, you know.  I’m not getting much out of the business right now, it’s all getting reinvested, but it’s making a pretty good profit so it’s all working out.  I’m not in any danger of losing everything.  I haven’t lost too much since I found out about it, but it hasn’t gained a whole lot either.  I actually took a significant chunk and put it in a high yield savings account (I get 4%), and am taking out the interest and adding that to my investments.  Dave taught me that little trick.  Free money is free money!!!

Oh well.  That’s all boring stuff.

Jack and I are going out again soon.  We’re both so busy we don’t go out as much as we want, but… we make it work.  Oh did I mention he’s going with us too?  He’s Liz’s cousin, of course he is!!!  Just like Orlando a couple of years ago.

Maybe they’ll let us share a sleeping bag.  But I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t.  But we’ve proven we can be responsible!  Well… ummm… mostly.  BLUSH.  I’d love to wake up in his arms, though.  We’ve done a lot together.  Never that.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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