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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

The girls were over last night, and we spent all night talking and doing all the stuff we do when the girls are over!!!  It was so much fun, but I didn’t get a chance to write.  Rebecca and her friends were on zoom, and so were Ai and the Aidols…  we had a full house!!!  We were all playing games at our respective houses.  Rebecca made a couple of new friends that she had over too, so we all had fun chatting and stuff.  They’re all boy-crazy, but that’s Rebecca for you.

Crystal showed off her, well, “chops”.  Or lack thereof.  But she’s still better than pretty much everyone but Yuki… and surprisingly Britni… everyone was impressed.  She was preening under the attention, so I took her aside and said “don’t get a big head – you have a lot of work to do.”  She deflated a little but seemed to appreciate the reality check.  Music is one of those things you can’t fake.  You either get it right or you don’t.  You can talk a big game all you want, but the minute you start strumming, you can’t really fake it.

She is making a surprising amount of progress, though, for the few days she’s been practicing.  I guess three hours a day really does have results.

I can get away with that because I actually do have the chops and proved it in front of an auditorium full of people, one of which was her.  She knows I’m not faking it.

Today we all went shopping – Yuki, Liz, and I needed to get stuff for our trip, and everyone else wanted to tag along.  I imagine a gaggle of girls in a sporting goods store must have been annoying, but oh well!  We are what we are!!  We got some sleeping bags, other stuff for camping, some provisions… you know, all the needed stuff.  Liz and her parents will make a separate trip, too, for stuff we didn’t get.

We went to the mall food court after and pigged out, so everyone got something out of it!!!

Oh, I said earlier that Jack and I never woke up together.  That’s not exactly true.  One night when I was visiting him in Ohio we got carried away and I fell asleep in his arms.  His mother caught us.  That was so embarrassing!!!  Especially because I wasn’t, umm…  fully dressed.  Yeah, the floppy bits were all hanging out!!!  But…  that’s all we did.  Everything that really matters was still covered.  Thankfully.  His mother might have killed me.

As long as she got him too, I guess we would have deserved it.  Oh well.

You know I was just thinking, we haven’t gone to the waterpark in a long time!  I still love the waterpark, but everything’s just been so busy.  Is this what it’s like to be an adult?  Sometimes I don’t like that very much.

Anyway, time for bed.  I wonder sometimes if people think our girl-piles are weird.  It seems a lot of girls don’t do that.  Rebecca doesn’t, for example.  She has that big indoor tent that they all had sleepovers in, but the whole piling together on the bed and sleeping in a tangle of arms and legs and occasionally other parts doesn’t seem to be all that typical.  I don’t know when we started doing it.  I think…  I just didn’t want to be alone, and neither did Beth and Liz, and it just kind of grew from there.  It’s always been innocent…  but it’s so nice to wake up in a warm pile of softly breathing girl.  It’s like everything’s right in the world…

Well, until one squirms around and plants her rear in your face without realizing it.  You silly-billy boys might be jealous… but believe me.  There’s nothing to be jealous about.  Ewww.

I love my sisters.  Maybe that’s just one way to show it.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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