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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Florida Lily!!!

OMG do I have so much to tell you!!!  If this isn’t a long post I’ll eat my sunglasses!  And they’re not made of chocolate either!!!

So after I wrote the post this morning, the plane showed up and after some ruckus, we all boarded.  OMG they got business class!  I guess Lily’s father does a lot of travelling and had some miles to burn!!!  It was SO COMFORTABLE!!!  They gave us free drinks (alcoholic for Liz’s parents – they drank very little though, we got some nice fruit drinks) and it was a great way to fly the first time!!!  Anyway, we got on the plane, and I was so scared but so excited!!!  Finally the door closed and the plane started moving backwards, and those huge engines started!  Beth would have loved it!  Liz was chatting my ear off about bleed air and compressors and light-off (she’s so smart!) but I was just taking in the whole experience.  The flight attendants were telling us what to do if the plane crashes.  I listened but it was so dark!

So the plane started moving and went at low speed for a few minutes, then it turned and those engines just went for it.  Holy…  was it a rush!!!  We went really fast and then the plane just lifted!!!

It was a short flight so they didn’t give us food but we got snacks and the views out the windows were amazing!  All those beautiful popcorn clouds!

The landing was so stressful!  I could feel the plane dropping, even though it was a gentle drop.  Finally the ground rushed up and we hit!  We were safe!  We taxied to the gate.  It’s amazing how the energy changes once you land.  People turning their phones on and chatting to their friends or loved ones, and we got off the plane.  In Orlando there’s a tram you can take to the actual airport from the gate, it was soo cool!  Then we got a car and went to get some brunch.  We had a nice meal (it turns out on vacation the Tangs will eat stuff that’s a little more American, I guess the Chinese food is just what they prefer to make) and then went to the hotel.

OMG what a nice hotel!!!!  Everything was shiny and gleaming, and they have a nice pool and everything!!!  After Liz and I settled into our room (we got one room, and her parents got the other) I decided to take a nap.  Liz did too.  We were soo tired!  But after the nap we put on our swimsuits and went down to the pool!!!  It was sooooo fun!!!  Wish Allison was here, she would have loved that pool!!!

At dinnertime we all went out to eat, we had sushi!!!  Liz’s father told me that Chinese food and Japanese food aren’t really the same, but they’re kind of similar – emphasis on seafood and rice, and kind of light and savory.  We pigged out on sushi!  I got to know Liz’s parents a little better.  They’re nice people.  They were telling me how their parents emigrated from China when they were little, and they had to become naturalized citizens.  They’re afraid to go to China right now because of the way things are, but they still have family there and talk as much as they can.  It turns out Liz’s Father can speak a little Japanese!  He has to go there sometimes for work!  That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Liz confused, when he and I had a very basic conversation!  I’ll have to practice with him sometimes!

Anyway, after we got back, OMG do I have news!  It’s big news!  Remember when I learned that I knew martial arts?  That kind of big news!  So Liz was trying to find a place to practice her violin, and she asked the front desk staff if they had a room for that.  Turned out that in such a fancy hotel, they did.  There was a little room with a piano and a music stand.  So she set up and I sat down at the piano and… 

And started playing.

I’ve never played the piano before!  I don’t remember it!  But I played it!  Liz’s mouth dropped to the ground, and she grabbed her phone and video called Sabby and said “Sabby you have GOT to listen to this!.”

I was just amazed I could play.  I mean, what???

Sabby started squealing!!!  I could hear her through the phone.  Things like “OMG she can play the piano?”  and “What else can she do?” and then I heard Dave and Beth.  Dave said “Well, I’ll be,” and Beth said “that’s cool,” and was quiet.  I heard Sabby start to berate Beth and their voices got more distant.  Sigh.  Then Sabby came back and said “Call me later.  Seriously, Lily.  OMG.”  Then Liz said goodbye and hung up.

Liz pulled out her violin, then grabbed some sheet music and plopped it in front of me.  “Can you read this?”, she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.  I was actually really confused.  These things just keep happening to me.

Turned out I could.  And we did a really nice duet.  One of the front desk people, a nice looking young guy, quietly walked in and listened.

After I was done, he said “That was beautiful.”  I don’t think he was just talking about the music, from the way he was looking at Liz.  “How long have you played together?”

I sighed.  “I didn’t even know I could play before today.”

His mouth dropped open too.  He shook his head bemusedly and left.  I think he thought I was lying.  Liz looked after him with an unreadable look.  She looked a bit flustered.

Yet another thing to explore.

Anyway, I let her get to practicing after promising her I’d do duets with her.  It turns out that while she never held it against me, she felt that her love of music and my inability to play it was something we didn’t have in common and it was hard for her to relate to me or feel that I could relate to her.  She was so happy!!!  I put my swimsuit back on and sat in the hot tub for a while with Liz’s parents.  Liz’s mother is actually really pretty – kind of petite, but nicely proportioned.   I can see where Liz gets her beauty from.  I told her mother that and, well, her face wasn’t the only thing that blushed!  It was so cute!  Her father put his arm around her and said that he was a very lucky man, and her blush got even deeper.  I hope I find someone like him someday!

As we got out of the hot tub, a family approached.  There were two Chinese adults, a boy about my age, and a little girl about four years old.  The boy was…  ummm… hot.  He was a little shorter than me, but with wild black hair and a little smirk that looked so mischievous.  I suddenly felt so warm, even though I had just gotten out of the hot tub and was in my swimsuit.  He looked at me, and I could tell he was very carefully keeping his eyes on my face after stealing a quick glance at the rest of my body.  Oh no.  He thinks I’m hot too.  Oh NO OH NO OH NO!!!

Liz’s father introduced us.  The boy’s name was Jack.  No wonder Liz had a smirk when she talked about him!  She knew!!!  She is in so much trouble…  calm, Lily.  Calm.  The little girl is named Grace, and she is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  I told her my name was Lily and she said “Li…ly?  Lily!  Auntie Lily!”  I just melted.  Oh my God I even forgot about Jack for a moment!  I love her already!

Jack was just looking at me, his eyes were unreadable.  Finally he spoke.  “She likes you, Lily.  You must be alright.”

I looked at him.  “Thanks… so are you…”  STUPID STUPID STUPID.  He just smirked and followed his family back to their room.  He turned back to look at me, and smiled.  I flushed.  Oh no.

When I got back to the room I changed into my PJs and waited for Liz.  When she came in I smacked her arm.


She smirked.  “Knew what?”


“Oh, that he’s a boy, and he’s your age, and that he’s pretty hot?  You like him?”

“Worse!  He saw me in my swimsuit!  I think he likes me!”

“But you’re hot, Lily!  Especially in your swimsuit!  Why wouldn’t he?”

I sat on my bed and put my head in my hands.  Oh no.  This week just got soooo much more complicated.  Liz just patted my shoulder.

“It’ll be fine,” she said.  “Besides, a little vacation romance never hurt anyone.”

“I don’t want one!”

“Just relax, Lily!  It’ll be fine.  Jack’s a good guy.  I promise.  You’ll like him, and not just because he’s gorgeous!”  I sighed.  I guess I’ll deal.  Besides, he is hot.

“So what about you, Liz?”, I asked teasingly.  “You got anyone picked out?”

She blushed.  “I…  I wouldn’t know…”

“It’s the front desk guy that was listening to us, isn’t it?”

She turned beet red.  “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

A little vacation romance never hurt anyone,” I said, a little mockingly.



I called Sabby a few minutes ago.  She was positively bouncing.  After she told me Beth had one of her jealous fits again and Sabby had to set her straight, she said that she was going to get me piano lessons and this time she didn’t care if I wanted them or not!  And she was going to find a piano too!  She loves piano.  She can only play it a little bit but she really wants to see how well I can play!  I guess I don’t mind.  It’s a part of my schooling, and I had to do some music classes anyway.  And at least I don’t have to deal with the frustration of starting from scratch, like I do with Japanese.  I’ll have to relearn all the terminology though, I forget what everything’s named.  Everyone at the Smith house is heading out tomorrow but at least Sabby and Beth will still be reachable if needed.  I guess Sabby and Beth are going up to Dallas for a monster shopping or at least mall walking trip, and Beth’s getting a makeover too.  Sabby’s not made of money but I bet at least a few bags will be in the trunk on the way home.  I hope it helps with their bonding. I can’t wait to see Beth’s new look!

I didn’t tell her about Jack.  I don’t think I could.  Oh no, yet again.

I’m not going to apologize to Beth though.  I’ll never, ever apologize for who I am.  Sabby taught me that a few days ago.  She said “never be afraid to say no” but it’s the same thing, don’t you think?

Liz and I are going to brush each other’s hair now!!!  Till tomorrow!!!  Love you all!!!  ❤️

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