This diary entry is part 21 of 32 in Lily's diary dated 05 - November 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!


Last night I went to bed early, and hugged Dave and Sabby and Beth and even David so I didn’t have to wake them up so early.  They seemed to appreciate it.  Sabby told me to have a good time and to call her every night and let her know if I needed anything.   She’s such a good mother hen… I mean mother!  haha!!

I got up at about 3:30 AM and took a quick shower and did toothbrushing and all that stuff, then went over to Liz’s with my suitcases.  I put on a nice summer dress but it’s kinda cold outside!  Liz had a lot of stuff, turns out she brought her violin too so she could practice.  I guess she can’t take a week off from that.  But that’s okay, she doesn’t mind.  Anyway, the taxi arrived soon after and we zoomed down the tollway!  There was no one on the road, and they just opened the new tollway that takes you right to the airport!  So we arrived, even that early there were quite a few people.  We waited at security, and all of us finally got through.  Now we’re at the gate waiting for the plane to show up!  There are so many tired people waiting for the plane too, but they seem excited too!  I guess almost everyone going to Orlando this time of year is going to have fun!

Everyone’s tired, but Liz is burbling!  She’s soooo happy!!!  I know I’m bubbly, but when Liz gets going she just doesn’t stop talking!  Her parents seem to just want to conk out in their chairs, but she’s just talking and talking!  I don’t mind though.  I kind of feel the same way.  It’s a nice airport, but none of the places to eat are open yet!  I’m glad that Sabby made me take some snacks!

The sun is not even up yet and it’s dark outside, but there’s just a glimmer of lightness in the sky, and everything’s so pretty!  I love mornings!  Especially at the airport!  OMG!!!!!

I’ll write more tonight before I go to bed!  I’m sure y’all want to know how the flight went!!!!

Love you all!!!  ZOOM ZOOM!!! ❤️

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