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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’m still sick. Today wasn’t easy.  I just laid in my sleeping bag most of the day and slept.

But Jack has been taking so good care of me.  I can’t actually believe how much he’s taking care of me.  Everyone went off hiking today and he stayed behind.  I was cold and he got in the sleeping bag with me – and just warmed me up.  He fed me soup (Dave’s worrywart nature saved me again), he read to me until I fell asleep…  he helped me walk to the restroom.

I don’t deserve him.

But I’m so thankful for him.

They almost packed everyone back in and went home, but I didn’t want them to do that.  A long car ride would probably be worse right now anyway.  My sleeping bag is warm, the air is fresh and nice, and Jack’s taking better care of me than I ever imagined.

Don’t worry too much about me.  I’m not having any real trouble breathing, just a little coughing and sneezing and runny nose and fever.  There’s actually a doctor a town over and the people who run the campsite called him, and he gave me a once over.  They saw me being helped to the restroom and were a little worried.  He said it’s just a virus and it’ll have to run its course.  Not really news to me, but it helped Sabby feel a bit better.  He didn’t ask for any money, so we got him a pastry from the cafe.  It was nice of him.  But I guess that’s how small towns work.  I have a feeling Sabby’s going to send him some cookies.  A LOT of cookies.  And you know that’s not an idle threat from Sabby.

It’s night right now.  It’s so dark outside.  Jack’s sleeping next to me.  His parents don’t seem to mind, I guess they figure I’m sick, what are we going to do?  They’re right.  I don’t want to do anything but sleep.  I’m going to put this tablet away and cuddle up to him now.  He’s so warm…

Love you all!!! ❤️

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