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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

My fever broke this evening.  Now I just feel really weak.  But I was able to go take a shower, so there’s that.  I was smelly.  I’m not anymore.

But I went out and sat by the fire with everyone, and it was nice.  They offered me some marshmallows, and I roasted a couple, but I don’t really feel a lot like sweets.  That’s how you know I’m sick!!! I just wanted something savory.  They grilled me up a burger, and that hit the spot pretty well.  Jack stayed with me all day.  I really need to hold on to that boy… if I can.

He seems to feel the same way.

There’s enough electricity here to charge phones and run a small fridge, which is helpful.  But not much more than that.  Just a couple of outlets we kinda fight over.  But we keep the big ol’ lithium packs charged on one of the plugs, so there’s lots of places to plug in a phone without fighting over that.  And Dave sent along a car battery inverter too, which is HELLA convenient.

I woke up this morning and found Grace cuddled up to me too…  and that was really nice in its own way.  I hope I don’t get her sick, but if so, that’s her own fault.  I didn’t ask her to.

Maybe I’ll do a small hike tomorrow.  Depends on how I feel I guess.  I still feel pretty weak.  What a time to get sick…  but maybe it was a good thing.  Jack really showed me how he feels…  and it’s really making me think.

A couple of the adults went to town today and picked up some food for tomorrow.  They don’t have a huge selection and it was pretty expensive (and it’s like half an hour away), but they had enough that we’ll have a decent Thanksgiving feast.  I think…  all told, I have a lot to be thankful for.  I hope I actually get to see the canyon, but if not, well… it still was alright, I guess.  The sunrises here are really pretty.

Yuki seems to be having fun.  She says that for all of Japan’s natural beauty, there’s nothing at all like this there, and she’s glad she came with us.  Liz brought her violin and did a little concert at the edge of the canyon, she said the acoustics were better than the shower!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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