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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s the day before Thanksgiving!!!


The turkey is thawing so Dave can deep fry it tomorrow, Sabby made a bunch of treats, everyone’s really looking forward to coming over tomorrow…  yay!!!!  Lots of food!!!!

I like thanksgiving.  But I’ll talk about what I’m thankful for tomorrow.  After all, it’s not thanksgiving yet.

But I’m thankful for a lot.  I really am.

I remember last year at this time, I was in Florida, and Jack and I were getting to know each other… and, well, let’s be honest… trying really hard to not make some huge hormone-driven mistakes.  Did I ever tell you how hot he is?  And apparently he thinks I could be a supermodel or something.  I don’t know…

I think I loved him even then, and I don’t think I ever stopped loving him.


He’s a good guy, too.  I chose well.  I didn’t really want a boyfriend, but if I’m going to have one, Jack’s a pretty good choice.

Anyway, big day tomorrow.  Lots of cooking and sports and then going to the shop and getting ready for our grand opening!!!

Did I ever tell you what we named the shop?

Sabby’s Sweets!!!

Okay!  Marie needs a walk before it rains and then time for sleep!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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