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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And I’m thankful today!!!

Dave deep fried a turkey!  And he didn’t set anything or anyone on fire!!! And if you know Dave, that’s an accomplishment!!!  It rained some today, but he was still able to get it done.

Rain and deep frying don’t mix, that’s what they tell me anyway.

So after all that was done, we had a HUGE dinner!!!  Liz and Jack and Grace and their families came over!!!  We had turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and candied yams and green bean casserole and mac and cheese (for Grace) and for dessert we had pumpkin pie and pecan pie and chocolate pie (OMG YUM) and we just pigged out!

But before the meal we all went around and said what we’re thankful for.

And… there were a few surprises.  Most of the things we were all thankful for were… people.

Jack said he was thankful for me, but also that he had a second (and third) family and that he could live in Texas and not be bullied anymore.

Grace said she was thankful for her mommy and daddy and her house and Lily and Auntie Lily (not the dog) and Chocolate…  and all the food, of course.  She really wanted to start eating but her parents told her she could wait a few minutes.

Beth told me she was thankful for her family and Crystal and Diana and… me.  I thought she was going to cry when she said me.  She said I’m the big sister she always wanted, and Grace and Crystal and Diana are the little sisters she’s always wanted…  and she just kind of sniffled and we moved on.

David said he was thankful for his two girlfriends… and we all laughed.  He looked a bit offended.  But he said he was thankful that he got to go to camp and hunt pigs and for all the food…  he’s not really all that good with the people stuff, but it was good enough.

Liz said she was thankful for all of us, but particularly me as her best friend.  She actually started waxing poetic, and told me that I always have a smile on my face and she can always count on me to cheer her up when she’s sad and to be there for her and to eat any chocolate within a mile radius…  we all laughed.  But she sniffled a bit too, and said she loved me.  Everyone said awww…

And when it came to me, I said I was thankful for my sisters (and brother too) and my family and my boyfriend and Grace too, and that I loved everyone and am thankful that they were the ones who took me in when I was found, and…  I started sniffling too.

Dave and Sabby, well…  no surprises.  They were thankful for their family and all the love around the table today.

And then we ate.

BOY did we eat.

But you know?  When it’s quiet and everyone’s just shuffling bowls of food around and filling their plates and eating and filling their plates again, and there really aren’t any words but everyone knows it’s family… it’s the best thing in the world!!!

Even better than… well, you know.  Jack.

Maybe someday Jack and I will have our own dinner with little ones.

After we had desert, Dave and David (and Jack) went to sit next to the TV and watch football.  We all cleaned up in the kitchen, then Sabby and I went over to the shop to prepare for our grand opening tomorrow.  Jack wanted to tag along too but I promised him he could come by tomorrow, tonight we had a lot of work to do, Sabby had a lot of cookies to bake, and I needed to make sure everything was clean and ready to go.  We got home a few minutes ago, everything’s good.  We open early tomorrow, and we’ll see how it goes.  Beth and I have off of school tomorrow, so we’re both going to be there, I’m going to be doot dooting and Beth is going to be a server.  Well, more a “here’s your cookies, sir, have a nice day” – there aren’t really tables.

Sabby has a costume for her.  It’s not horrible at all, it’s kind of a short, poofy skirt (with some underneath frills, I don’t know what it’s called, but you can’t see anything), with a blouse and a tiny apron, with some sheer black stockings and shiny, sensible shoes.  A little sexy, but more costumey than sexy, if that makes sense.  Beth isn’t a huge fan, but Sabby promised her any tips and a decent hourly wage.  Beth does like to shop for makeup, so… she’s going along with it.

I have my own, similar costume, but that’s for when I’m dooting.  When I’m helping make stuff, I dress like sabby.  Black clothing, black apron, hairnet…  she’s gotta take it all seriously.  Y’know?

I modeled my costume for Jack.  He, umm… loves it.

It is kinda cute, if I’m being honest.  Sabby has pretty good taste.

We still need to hire a delivery person, but Dave has the day off tomorrow, so he’s going to do the deliveries.  The owner of the store I used to work at made a rather large order.  Maybe someone decent will apply soon.

Anyway, bright and early tomorrow, Sabby’s Sweets is opening!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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