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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’m…  not sure how I feel about camping, honestly.  I mean, it’s nice here, the air is fresh, and it’s nice spending time with everyone.  But it’s a little boring too.  There’s not much to do at a campsite other than, well… camp.  And I spent most of it sick anyway.  Maybe not my favorite thing.  It was alright, but…  not really fun, if that makes sense.

Yuki really had a good time, though.  Like I said, she’s never seen anything like the Grand Canyon, and there’s nothing like it in Japan.  They have other things we don’t have, but this was different.  And for me too.  It is pretty, but…  once you’ve seen one big hole, I guess…  maybe I’d feel the same if I went to the top of fujisan.

So we leave tomorrow morning.  I guess I should get some sleep.  We packed everything up tonight, except for the tents, and now it’s just getting some good sleep.  We all took a shower before bed too, so it’s just waking up, hopping in the car, and going.

Maybe I’ll sit outside and look at the stars a bit before bed.  There are so many stars here.  In the city, you only see a few, but here, they’re like, well…  grains of sand on the beach.  Just so many of them.  And there’s even this thing, the “milky way”…  Liz says it’s our galaxy.  That’s kind of amazing.  Makes me feel really small.  And it’s so quiet too… except for the distant howling of coyotes and the occasional hooting of an owl…  it’s dead quiet here.  No road noise, no…  no anything.

Jack took such good care of me, too.  He’s really good at it too, I didn’t even know.  I…  I have a lot to think about.  Maybe..  it’s not about how things are when they’re good, but how they are when they’re… well, not.

Maybe that’s what Sabby was trying to tell me.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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