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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And I’m a busy girl!!!

So yesterday I went in early and trained the new dooter.  Nice girl, but… ummm…. how to put it nicely.  A little spacey?  But I finally got it through, I think.  I let her be and Sabby tells me she’s a bit slow bit should speed up in time.  It turns out that on weekdays, people mostly come by during lunch.  Otherwise, it’s businesses like hotels calling in big orders for pickup.  You know, corporate parties, big meetings, that kind of stuff.  Sabby’s fine with that, but is going to make a 24 hour notice policy for the really big orders.  She also signed up for some of those food delivery services and they’ve been doing pretty well too, so…  things are going okay.  Is it like Elon Musk levels of business?  Nah.  But it’s pretty brisk and there always seems to be demand for really good cookies.

She also hired a girl almost as pretty as Beth to put on the costume and stand outside with a sign, like Beth did.  That really worked!!!  She just stands there and waves the sign and smiles…  and hey.  I’m not pretty enough for that.  Well, maybe I am, but I’d rather just hire someone to do that.  But she says the increase in people coming in is measurable whenever she’s standing outside.   Sigh.  that makes it worth her pay.  She drives a few cookies an hour, and she pays for herself.

I’m also going to set up a website for her!!!  That should be fun!!!  I mean I’ve maintained this site, it can’t be that hard, right???



I also told Sabby she should train up a second baker.  She’s resistant to that idea, but I told her that she shouldn’t be there all the time baking, she’s got more important things to do.

She pouted but agreed.  That might be a bit more expensive, but I think we need to do it.  Besides, how’s she going to open a second store if she’s too busy with the first?

She just looked at me funny.  I don’t think she’d ever thought of opening a second store.  But we should!  One in South Austin!!!

Ai’s coming around Christmas!!! That should be fun!  She’s really looking forward to it.

Okay!  Two more days until the weekend!  Yaaayyy!!!  And Jack and I are going on a date this weekend too!!!  Double yaaaayyy!  With coffee sprinkles!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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