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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It’s hump day!!!

Whatever that means.

I guess it means that Wednesday is the middle of the week, so Thursday and Friday are over the hump!!!

But for me it was just another day.

I saw some really cool clouds tonight!  There were some storms down by the city…  with lightning and everything!  But nothing here. Aww.  Next week is supposed to be really cool though!  High of 70!  Yaaaay!!! I’ll take Marie for a very long walk, she’ll love it!!!

But then it’s not hard to keep a dog happy.

About as easy as keeping a boy happy!


Well… no, I’m not comparing a boy to a dog.  Jack has less hair!  Hahaa!!! Kidding!!!

It really is pretty easy to keep Jack happy, though.  Which is good.  Girls are complicated!!!  I know some girls, well, like girls, and… that seems like a lot of work!!!

Speaking of Jack… he’s…  thinking about what he wants to do in college, and stuff.  I don’t think he’s thought about it seriously before, but his school is a pretty good one and they’re trying to get him to think about it…  you know, I don’t really know what he likes to do!  We should talk about it, I think.  I should think about the same thing.  It’ll be a bit different for me, though, what with Sabby’s cookie business and all that.  But we’ll figure it out.

Oh… I’m not going to LA over Thanksgiving.  Maybe some other time.  Sabby reminded me that last year I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with the family, and she’s not going to put up with that two years in a row, especially when next year I’ll be an adult.  I guess I understand.  Maybe on spring break, or around new year.  We’ll see.

Okay!  Bedtime!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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