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 Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Crystal’s birthday is coming up!!!  I remember when we met her – do you remember?  She was homeless and Sabby made the family go and volunteer at a homeless shelter, after Beth copped an attitude because of a church event to help the homeless.  Beth mouthed off to Crystal, who hit her in the face with some food.

Sabby invited them for dinner, and Beth and Crystal became best friends, and I gained a sister.

It doesn’t seem like that long, does it???

Beth deserved it, and even she kinda agrees with that now.  She really was a jerk, and Crystal… well, she’s had a tough life and doesn’t respond well to jerks.

And then, do you remember, how it turns out she was… abused… at the shelter?  Well, let’s just say the guy who did it has a home now for a very long time, whether he wants it or not.

Yeah, she’s had a hard life.  A lot harder than any of us.  And sometimes it shows.  She’s not having the best time of school, I guess she ran into some bullies, and…  well, bullies don’t like it when you do things like shove food in their face.  But she hasn’t really said much.  She seems okay when she’s over at our house, but…  but I worry about her a bit sometimes.

I should think of something special to get her for her birthday.  But I’m not really good at that.

She’s… pretty.  Like, actually, really pretty.  But sometimes I wonder if, for someone who’s had as hard a life as she has, that’s a bad thing or a good thing.

I guess I need to get to thinking.

Well, otherwise… it’s a Thursday.  Sabby made a really really good dinner tonight, and I’m still full.  Marie even got a few bites, and she loves human food.  But she doesn’t get it often.  Dogs don’t have the same nutritional needs as people do, and their food is designed for them.  But a few bites here and there don’t hurt.  Except chocolate.  No chocolate for dogs.

Cat and Marie have taken to chasing each other around the house now when they get bored.  That’s hilarious.  I don’t talk much about Cat but she’s around, just… doing cat things.  You know, washing her butt, that kinda thing.

Anyway, gotta go!!!  Marie needs walked!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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