This diary entry is part 17 of 31 in Lily's diary dated 16 - October 2022

Hi, It’s me.  Lily.

Crystal woke up.

She’s…  not really in a good state right now.  The docs said she shouldn’t have any brain damage, but she might not be herself for a while.  I guess whatever she overdosed on did cause her some damage that she’ll have to recover from.  but she did wake up.

Her parents were there, fortunately.  None of us were, but that’s alright.  If anyone’s going to be there, it should be them.  It certainly shouldn’t be me.  I never noticed, I don’t deserve to talk to her.  I wonder if she’ll ever forgive me.  I wonder if I’ll ever forgive myself.

Her parents didn’t notice to, to be fair, but they’re her parents.  They have to figure that out.  But…  I’m not even sure I deserve to be called her sister.

I don’t know what was said when she woke up.  I’d like to think that her parents were very happy and didn’t try to ask her too many questions right now.  It’s a time for celebration, I think, not for recrimination.  I’m sure they’ll all have some very pointed conversations at some point.

And so there should be.

She needs a lot of love.  And a good smack.

Anyway, I’m exhausted.  We’re all exhausted.  Crystal’s not ready to go home, and probably won’t be for a little longer.  She might need a wheelchair or something for a while – we don’t really know yet.  But I guess we’ll take it as it comes.

And thank you to you, the reader, for letting me talk to you about this.  But I don’t feel like doing my usual outro today.  Maybe we’ll be back to normal tomorrow.  Maybe.

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