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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

So I was talking to Beth today, and she told me something I hadn’t noticed.  A lot of girls her age don’t seem to have a sense of humor.  She tries to tell them jokes and they just look at her with that look only a teenage girl who thinks you’re an idiot can give you.  She tries to be funny and they just tell her she’s embarrassing.  They’re always worried about their parents “embarrassing” them.  I hadn’t really noticed, but now that she brings it up, I remember seeing that sometimes for myself, at school.  My friends aren’t like that but many girls are.  I don’t understand it!  I really don’t!  I mean I understand not wanting to embarrass yourself, but what fun is life if you can’t laugh at it?  Dave pranks me all the time, and I prank him, I call him a clumsy dad who has pressure-washer accidents, and he calls me a silly girl.  He wakes me up with an ice cube on my hand, and I jump scare him when he comes in the house.  It’s fun!  And he always gives as good as he gets!  Why would I think that’s embarrassing?

But even Liz sometimes apologizes for her parents, she thinks they’re too strict and it embarrasses her.  I can kind of see what she means, but at the same time, they’re her parents and I know they love her.  They buy her nice things and they’re strict because they want her to be successful and find a nice Chinese man and have lots of Chinese children.  Why be embarrassed?  Maybe it’s not what she wants, but they’re not mean or awful.

I think you should have fun with life!  If someone does something funny, just laugh at it.  If you do something embarrassing, just laugh at it.  No one will remember, they’re always more worried about what you think of them then what you do, and if they do they’re awful people anyway.  I like to laugh and have fun, and I like to be around people who laugh and have fun.  It’s fun pranking people, even if they get me back sometimes!!!

I need to go!  I haven’t pranked Dave in a while, Halloween’s coming, and I need to think of a really fun prank for him.   Not telling, Sabby!  You get to find out when he does!!!  And I’ll be nice!  I know I’m about one maid costume away from cleaning the house!  Haha!!

She wouldn’t do that, but it’s still a funny thought.  THAT is the difference between a fun prank and a humiliating prank, and Sabby would never do that.  Right Sabby?  Sabby???  Hee hee.

Oh and I learned something!  Some people think there’s a difference between a red heart ❤️ and a blue heart 💙.  The red heart is supposed to mean love and the blue heart friendship.  Well I don’t care!  So ppppbbbbbttt!! I’m going to use a red heart and I don’t want to have your babies!  So there!!!

Love you all!!!  ❤️  Pbbbbbbbbt neener neener neener

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