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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It’s Sunday!!!

Well… not that it means much.  I went running, the rest of the family went to church, I came home from running, I did some playing around on the computer, practiced piano, studied Japanese… you know, the usual stuff.  It was a nice, quiet day.  I like nice, quiet days.  Have I said that?  I do.  My life doesn’t seem to have a lot of nice, quiet days.  Aww.

It’s nice and cool (well, sort of), so I took Marie for a nice, long walk.  She had a great time, as always.  Sniffs things, pees on things, sniffs the things she just peed on, pees on them again for good measure… you know, being a dog.  She met a few friends on her walk – she always wants to meet any dog she comes across, and mostly the other dogs are fine with that – they love walking too.

I don’t have any big plans this week.  Classes, classes, more classes, maybe seeing Jack…  but we’re both busy too, so…  I wonder if that’s normal?  Sabby says it is.  But we do have to make time for each other.  I think we will.  Oh, and Halloween is coming up too!  I think Dave and Sabby and everyone are going to be putting the Halloween decorations up soon.  I… still have mixed feelings about Halloween, but I do have my cheerleader costume now, and at least it’s better than the maid costume.

And then the elections – from what Sabby says, that should be kinda painful all on its own, and then… Thanksgiving!  I know what I’m thankful for.  Everything!  I’m thankful for everything!  But I wont’list that out until Thanksgiving!  Everyone will be looking at their watches!  Hahaah!!!

Emiko wants to come over soon.  I think next weekend.  I want to see Aika and Mika, and they want to see Marie, so it all works out!  Maybe we’ll all go to the waterpark again!!  YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

Okay!  I gotta go!

Love you all!!! ❤

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