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HI! It’s me! Lily!

Normal?  I don’t know.  But we’re back to something.

So Crystal is starting her treatment.  Poor girl’s been through a lot, I hope this treatment works for her rather than makes things worse.  But I guess we’ll see.  Everyone seems agreed that she doesn’t get nearly as much of a choice as she would otherwise – You know that’s technically illegal?  Stupid, I know, but it is.  But they’re going to treat her rather than prosecute her, so that’s good.

Beth seems a little sullen and withdrawn, though.  Poor girl’s been through a lot.  Maybe she could stand talking to someone too.  But you know her, she’s stubborn.  She did give me a hug, though, and thanked me for being there for her.  That’s something, I guess.

I mean, I appreciate that at all, but I’m still not really sure I deserve it.

Crystal’s parents are also now on the social workers’ radar.  I guess that makes sense.  But Dave and Sabby, and her parents, have been having a lot of conversations I’m not privy to.  All Sabby would say is “No one makes the best decisions 100 percent of the time, and her parents are no exception.”  I guess so.  I mean, were there alternatives to a homeless shelter?  Maybe there weren’t, but were there?  I don’t know.  A lot of her trauma seems to stem from that experience.  I’m not blaming them for it, but I can sure see how Crystal might not want to open up.  If Dave and Sabby were to somehow end up in a homeless shelter and drag me along with them, would I resent it?

I don’t know, and that’s the whole point, right?

I guess maybe it’s none of my business.  But it does give me a lot to think about.

Tomorrow’s Friday.  Diana might come over, but I feel like it’s going to be a bit more somber than usual.  Maybe I’ll spend some time with Liz if she’s not busy.  I still need to give her a big hug for letting me wail on her shoulder.  And chest.  And arms.  And lap.  Sigh.

Love you all!!! ❤

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