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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Well…  there was another tornado last night.  The good news is… not here.  Up around Jarrell, I guess.

Back in the 90s there was apparently a very strong tornado in Jarrell.  The tornadoes seem to like Jarrell for some reason.  Poor Jarrell.

But we just got a lot of wind and rain and boomies.  But this morning the weather was really nice, so there’s that.  I took Marie out for a walk and it was really cool and damp and nice.

Marie’s getting big.  We need to get her spayed soon.  Poor Marie.

Beth kind of isn’t the same right now.  She’s still withdrawn and sullen.  Not angry or salty or anything like that, just… quiet.  I take her to class and the car rides are really quiet, and…  I don’t know.  I think Crystal’s near death affected her a lot more than she’s saying.  Maybe I should talk to Sabby about getting her someone to talk to.  I’m not sure she’s depressed…  just really affected.

I’m not going to be a bad big sister to Beth too.

Jack got a promotion!  They moved him up from cart pusher and bagger to cashier!  Now he’s doot dooting too!!!  It’s a tough job at a big store like that, but I’m sure he’ll do fine!!!

I should go through his lane and buy some embarrassing items!  That’ll be funny!!!

Okay, I’m going to go talk to Sabby about Beth.

Love you all!!! ❤

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