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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Friday.

Usually we’d have girls over, but Beth didn’t want to tonight.  I mean, Crystal is still in her program, and Beth didn’t really want to have Diana over, so it’s just a family night.  Liz is over but Beth isn’t really being social, so it’s just me and Liz.

I’m a little worried about Beth, actually.  She’s not herself.  Sabby found her a therapist and she has an appointment for next week.  She didn’t want to go, but she folded really quickly.  Another sign that something’s wrong.  Usually when Beth doesn’t want to do something, there’s yelling and stomping and name-calling.  But she just kind of wilted and went back to her room.

But we had dinner, and watched a movie, and now it’s nearly time for bed, and that’s, I guess, tonight.

Liz and Marie are best friends now.  Whenever Liz comes over Marie bounces over to her and demands to be petted, and Liz just play-wrestles with her until she gets tired of it and brings a toy.  Then it’s a game of “throw the toy” for a bit, and then everyone’s happy.  While we were watching the movie, Marie was on Liz’s lap, sleeping.  That was really cute.

Cat wasn’t anywhere to be found.  As usual.

It’s a busy weekend.  Our party is on Sunday.  everyone’s coming over.  Even Emiko and Aika and Mika.  Ai says she’s interested, so I’ll do a virtual tour for her.  I asked her what she’d dress up as, and she said Konata from Lucky Star.  I didn’t know she was Otaku.  Well, maybe she’s not, but she knows Lucky Star!!!

I’m looking forward to Ai flying here around Christmas!  It’ll be fun!

Dave hasn’t gotten me back yet.  Oops.

Love you all!!! ❤

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