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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Oh I can’t wait to go to Disney World!  I’m bouncing in my seat!  I don’t have a laptop, so Sabby is going to buy me a secondhand tablet, so I can keep in touch with her while I’m gone, and video call her, and write here, and everything.  I’ve always wanted one!  I know it seems like Dave and Sabby have a lot of money, but not really.  They have enough to get what we need when we need it, and a little more for a buffer, but they’re not rich by any means.  Plus tablets are easier to take through TSA, so that’s good too.

It’s quieter in the Smith house now.  Sabby seemed thoughtful today, and then after school she took Beth aside and they had a chat.  I don’t know what they said yet, but Beth listened, then squealed, and hugged Sabby very tightly.  I’ll have to ask Beth later.

I got my tickets today!  The Tangs don’t mess around!  I’ll be leaving from AUS to MCO on the 21st, and returning on the 27th!  I’ve never been on a plane before, not that I can remember, anyway!  The Tangs haven’t told me where we’ll be staying, but they said they won’t be cheaping out, it will be a very, very nice hotel.  Remember the one in Houston?  That was nice.  This will be much nicer.  Oh, I can’t wait!  I’m so bouncing!!!  Sabby is going to take me shopping for a new swimsuit, and hopefully one that is less prone to unintentional top malfunction.  I don’t mind wearing a bikini, as long as it covers what it needs to cover with a bit of a buffer, but it’s not nice when boys stare at my floppy bits!  Okay, it’s nice, but it’s not!  I won’t deny it makes me feel a little tingly when they look…  hungry, I guess.  And because of me!!!  But it’s not nice, because I didn’t want them to see!  I’m so conflicted sometimes!  But I’m a girl!!!  I get to be conflicted!!!

We’re watching a family movie tonight, as we often do on Fridays.  Liz is coming over too!  It’ll be fun!!!  Maybe this time Sabby will choose a comedy.

Gots to go!  Love you all!  I can’t contain myself!  SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!❤️

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