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Hi! It’s me!  Your favorite Lily!  Maybe!

I didn’t post yesterday.  I had a whole bunch of stuff to do.  I had homework, well, schoolwork, and I wanted to spend some time with Liz, and, well, by the time I got everything done I needed, it was late, and I just wanted to go to bed.  Oh well.  Even silly billy Lilies like me need a break sometime!

I heard from Sabby that Allison is a lil sick today!  Awww!  It sucks being sick, but it’s nice because everyone take care of you.  When I’m sick, Sabby brings me chicken soup and ice cream and I get to watch as much YouTube as I want.  And I get to sleep!  I like to sleep!  It’s nice to be sick when you’re young, I guess.  When Dave or Sabby get sick they still have things to do, no one takes care of them, and they’re miserable until they feel better.  I’m sure Allison will feel better and go back to flinging mud at boys who don’t know their place!

Speaking of boys who don’t know their place, David has been really nice to me lately.  It’s not like he’s been fawning all over, but he seems to actually kind of look up to me now.  I guess I spoke the language nine year old boys who like video games speak.  Violence.  I would tell him that I didn’t really mean to do it, I’m glad I could, but I didn’t mean to, but I think I’ll just let it be.  At least he knows I exist now.  Before I was the person his parents told him was his new sister.  Now I’m Ultra-Lily, vanquisher of men, kicker of boy-bits, avenger of the floppy bits!  Well, I’m sure he wouldn’t use those words, but maybe he would if he knew them.

Maybe I need a superhero costume.  Better than a maid costume.  Right, Sabby?

I’m tired.  It’s late.  Beth needs her hair brushed, and I could do with a bit of brushing myself.  I really like that ritual, it’s kind of become routine now, and Beth is so nice to spend time with, even though sometimes I don’t understand half the stuff she talks about.  She’s been reading some books, and keeps talking about “temporospatial claudications”.   Like I have any idea what those are.  I looked it up in the dictionary and it turns out “claudication” is a real world!  Who knew?  Whoever wrote those books about young wizards really knew a lot of words!  I think Beth wants to be a wizard.  Would be nice, wouldn’t it?  Instant travel to the moon or anywhere, fighting the Lone Power, all that cool stuff.  Maybe I could find my memory!  But alas, it’s not real.  Don’t tell Beth that, though!  That girl can get obsessive about these things sometimes!  I’m sure she’ll find something else to be interested in soon.  I’m trying to teach her a little Japanese, but I don’t know much more than she does, and she doesn’t seem too interested right now.  I guess she has other priorities!  Like claudications!

Anyway, I gotta go.  Tomorrow is hump day!  Which surely means more to you businessy type people.  I know, I know!  Don’t call you Shirley!  Hahahaa!

Love you all!!!  And be good and get well Allison!!! ❤️

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