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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Dave’s feeling better, I guess.  Sabby took him up to their room last night and, well, they didn’t come out again till the morning, and he seemed a little bit more chipper this morning.  I guess…  some things only Sabby knows how to do, right?

He wasn’t running around gushing about how great the morning was or anything, but you could tell.

I ran my prank idea past Sabby, and she giggled.  Not only is she going to be involved but Beth is too.  We went right to Amazon and clicky clicked…  Beth’s never pranked him before but this is a nice beginner prank.

I don’t think he reads this…

As pranks go, this is more fun than scary.  I think he’ll like it.

So… what else.  It was another relatively quiet day.  I took Beth to school and we did school stuff (Beth seems to be getting more into the swing of it and really seems to like her classes), and The movers left today with all their stuff.  It’ll take them a few days, so they’re likely to beat the movers down.  They leave first thing tomorrow.  Yaaaayyy!!!!

I asked Sabby if we could babysit Grace sometimes, and Sabby seemed a little hesitant, but said she didn’t mind.  Grace isn’t the type of kid to run around and break things, she just sits at a table coloring or playing with her dolls.

I can’t believe Jack’s coming to live here!!!

I asked Jack if me being here had anything to do with their move.  He said…  not really.  The way he explained it, Liz’s family is here too, his father found a really good job here, they’ve been thinking about moving to Texas anyway for other reasons…  and the fact that I’m here really didn’t have too much to do with it.  It did, however, ensure that Jack was not at all opposed to the move, not even the slightest little bit.

Good boy, we’d have to have a talk if he was.

He asked what a good place to look for a job was.  I said I heard HEB was a pretty good employer.  I don’t know myself, but that’s what I heard anyway.  So he’s going to apply there when he gets here.  The one sticky part is, I’m not sure whether his license will transfer.  I guess we’ll see.

Well, gotta go.  Marie is whining.  At least it’s not really hot outside anymore.

Love you all!!! ❤

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