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Hi! It’s me! Lily!



Jack is here in Austin!!!

But I haven’t seen him yet.  They’re a bit busy.  I understand.  I’ll have plenty of time with him.

So they got here this evening, and they’re staying in a hotel overnight, and tomorrow they’ll get their apartment and start moving in!  I asked Jack if they need help.  He said… maybe.  He’ll let me know tomorrow.  It’s not all about me, though, not this time, so I get it.

The movers are still trundling their way down to Austin, they should be here in a couple of days.  I guess it takes longer when you’re driving a big rig.

He does want to go on a date with me though!  Maybe this weekend.  We’ll see.  They have a lot to do, for sure.  Grace is very tired, but happy.  She wants to go to the waterpark!  They told her to have some patience.

Five year olds don’t have patience, haha!!

Sabby sat me down and told me that she doesn’t want me spending every free hour with Jack, though.  She said that’s not fair to the family, but it’s not fair to Jack, too.  She explained that even though she and Dave are married, sometimes even they need a little bit of time to themselves, and I have to be careful not to smother Jack.

I… guess I can see that.  Would I?  I don’t know, but it’s a fair point.  I…  don’t know how to be a girlfriend to a boy who is actually in the same city as me.  I hope it works out, I really do.

Sabby told me what the music box my birth father sent me plays.  It’s a song called “music box dancer”.  The song has a nice story behind it too.  It’s a thoughtful gift.  Sweet without pushing too hard.  Sabby thought so too.

He doesn’t seem like a bad guy.  Just a guy who made a huge mistake at one time in his life.

Oh well.  Marie needs walking.

Love you all!!! ❤

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