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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

After school today I went over to see Jack and his family.  I knew they’d be a little busy, so I asked Sabby to make some cookies, and Sabby style, she made too many.  Haha!  So I went over with a couple trays of cookies.  They live in a big complex!  But there are some potholes in the driveway and the gate’s broken, so I hope it’s worth it.

Anyway, the apartment itself is actually really nice.  They have a three bedroom two bath, so everyone gets their own bedroom. Everything was empty because they were waiting for the truck, but we set up a little portable table and they ordered some food.  Grace, of course, gave me a big hug, and Jack gave me a big hug and kiss.  It was nice to see him again, but…  different.  He’s here for good now.  Is this a little like how newlyweds feel when they live together for the first time?

Grace was zooming around the apartment, I guess she had some energy to burn off.  Oh, Lily was there too!!!  She was happy to see me too.

So anyway, the food arrived and we ate and chatted.  It was nice.  I guess Liz and her family will come over when they’re a little more settled, but I couldn’t wait!  Their drive was pretty uneventful.  They have to register Grace and Jack for school this week, and Jack’s a little nervous, but I told him Texans are pretty cool for the most part, and he’ll be fine.  And if not, we’ll sic Sabby on them!

He laughed soooo hard!!!

They seem happy to be here.  I’m glad.  Ohio isn’t too bad but this is where they wanted to be, and here they are!

So, as we were finishing eating, the moving truck arrived, and, well, things got really busy.  I figured that was my time to scram and let them get to it.  I couldn’t help much, the movers would do most of the heavy lifting and they had to tell the movers where to put stuff, so I was really just getting in the way.  It was okay.  I got to see Jack again!  But they asked if I could take Grace and Lily for a walk around the complex instead of just leaving – they were kind of getting in the way too.  Yay!  I didn’t mind at all!  I love Grace and Lily!  So I put the leash on Grace… er, I mean Lily.  Hahah! And we went out for a walk.  I threw the toy for Lily and Grace was just running around having a good time.  There was a surprising amount of green space at the complex, it’s kind of a square of buildings around a central lawn, and there’s even a playground!  You should have seen Grace’s eyes light up when she found the playground!  I just sat on a bench and let her climb all over!!!  Lily laid down next to me and took a nap.

So after an hour we wandered back to the apartment, and the movers had already done their thing!  There was furniture and boxes and the beds were even mostly put together!  I helped a little, but then I had to get back.  Jack gave me a big hug and a long kiss and told me that we’ll have a date this weekend.  I can’t wait!!!  I don’t know what we’ll do, but it’ll be fun!!!  Oh, once Grace’s bed was set up, she just climbed right in and went to sleep, Lily cuddled up to her.  I guess I tired them out.  Haha!!!

Honestly, I just like spending time with him, that’s all.  We could just sit there reading next to each other and I’d be happy.

But I won’t discourage him from buying me chocolate!!!

Anyway, I’m home now.  I miss Jack, but I don’t too.  I’ll see him again.  Now I know I will.  Almost any time I want!!!  I remember when I first had to leave Jack, it hurt soooo much, I cried and cried and I wasn’t sure we’d ever see each other again, and now here we are, in the same city!!!  Maybe it’s meant to happen!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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