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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Oh!  I got so distracted by the cookie situation and the date with Jack that I forgot to tell you that I met Liz’s boy friend!  Not boyfriend, but boy friend!!!

His name is Jayden, and..  well, he seems pretty nice, actually.  He’s just average looking – not ugly, but not hot like Jack either.  But he’s smart!  He’s at least as smart as Liz!  And he seems to treat her well too.  I told him what had happened with her previous date (she blushed) and he looked offended.  Said something about “boys like that giving boys a bad name”.  He said he’d be crazy not to want to touch Liz, but not that way.

I didn’t get the same vibes off of him that I got off of Kevin, so… he’s alright in my book.  But I told him I know forms of martial arts and I don’t even know what they are, so if he doesn’t want to be kung fu chopped or karate kicked or judo whapped, then he needs to keep his hands to himself.  Unless invited.

He gulped.  I won’t lie, that was cute.  I think he’ll be fine.

So he and Liz went on a date, and apparently he was a perfect gentleman.  Remember how Jack got me a big piece of chocolate cake?  “What’s your richest, most chocolately thing, and how big a slice can you make it?”, I think he said.  Awww.  He did something similar for Liz.  He…  gave her a necklace.

No, not anything gaudy.  He’s a high school student.  He can’t afford that.  But it was a rhodium plated chain with some very pretty red and blue gems, and apparently they were real gems.  It was surprisingly tasteful.  Heck, I don’t wear jewelry often, and I’d wear that!  She thought it was too expensive, but he said he got it from a thrift store, and she was worth every penny he did pay for it.

So…  I didn’t know that was the way to Liz’s heart, but he did.  She let him put it around her neck, then looked down, looked at him, then pounced on him.  Their kiss didn’t end for quite a while.  Awww.  Looks like she might have found her Prince Charming.  I told her to be careful, and she is, but she’s so besotted now.

As long as he behaves, I’m happy for her.  Maybe Liz and I can double date with Jack and Jayden.

I guess giving gifts on a date is a Chinese thing.  Who knew?  It’s just, Jack gave me chocolate.

Beth has a boy she’s interested in in classes.  Apparently in her advanced math class, there’s a boy there that’s at least as smart as her, and to hear her tell it, cute too.  She’s not allowed to date, but I’m going to talk to Sabby and see if we can’t at least let her bring him to dinner.  Even if they can’t date yet, she needs friends.  And her sixteenth birthday is coming up fast.

She’s almost sixteen!  She’s really beautiful now!  She lost all her baby fat and she’s kind of a stunner!  Maybe she could be a model!  I have that olive-toned half-Japanese skin – nothing wrong with that and Jack says it makes me look really exotic.  But she has that kind of milk chocolate skin with long, curly hair and a slim body.  She’s so pretty now!  I hope it works out for her, I really do.  But even if it doesn’t… there are other boys.  And I’m sure they’ll be falling all over themselves to date her.

Anyway, that’s the news.  I hope it works out for them both.

Jack started school today!  He seems alright.  He says it’s very different than Ohio, in a good way.  There’s all the cliques and other stuff, but the other kids seem friendly for the most part, and I think he’ll get along fine.

Hey, did you know Allison has a dog?  She never told us!  She wants him to meet Lily and Marie!  I think we’re going to have a dog play date soon!

Love you all!!! ❤

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