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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Well, they didn’t waste any time, did they?  In fact, I’m a little amazed at exactly how fast that happened.  If I had to guess, those cookies went right to Fort Hood, then hopped a plane right to DC, and took a helicopter to the pentagon, because this morning I heard that the cookies are a hit.

I mean, seriously, a hit.  The way my “benefactor” described it, an entire office at the pentagon stopped work completely so that everyone could rave about how good the cookies were.

And on a weekend, at that.

Let’s see, how did he or she describe it…  “These cookies are so good we should send them to foreign embassies as a goodwill gift.  In fact, when you’re set up, we’ll be your first order, and might do just that.”

Well, to be fair, Sabby did pull out all the stops.  She made the triple chocolate chocolate whipped cream espresso drizzled cookies.

In other, I’m sure quite unrelated (hah!) news, we got a phone call today from someone who just happened to have a space available for lease at a very attractive rate.  The owner used to work in the intelligence services.  Yes, I’m sure quite a coincidence, indeed.  He also knows people in local government who can fast track our permits, and…  umm… wow.  Sabby’s over the moon!!!  She can make cookies full time!!!

Well, benefactor, I still don’t know who you are, but thanks.  And I’m still nervous.

Oh, and he or she had something to say about that, too.  “You’re right to be nervous.  What happened is… unfortunate.  But not your fault.  People at my level of government think blame is very important.  And blaming a fourteen year old girl for the negligence of others is not what we do.  We owe you a very large debt – the kind of debt that causes us to send out helicopters to pick up cookies.  Keep making us proud.”

Well, I’ll try.

I went over to Jack’s house today.  His family was there, and we went out to one of the grills at the complex and had a small picnic.  It wasn’t Dave-grilling, but it was delicious nonetheless.  They made teriyaki beef on the grill, and then put it over rice with spices.  It’s.. um… really good.  Then Grace and Jack and I ran around and played some games, and we went to the pool and splashed around for a while.  Dave and Sabby don’t have a pool.  They have a nice house, but no pool.  So that was nice.  I love Jack, but I love Grace too.

Maybe if Sabby does really good with her cookies, they’ll put in a pool.  That’d be nice.

Anyway, gotta go.  Marie is whining.

Love you all!!! ❤


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