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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Crystal wrote me a song!!!

Here it is…


It’s dark outside, and the moon is shining

The frogs have much to say

If I could only understand them

I’m walking down the path of life

Death is all around me

But I’m not afraid

For some reason

I see a field

It stretches as far as I can see

No, farther than that

It’s red, or it would be red

If it were daytime

All these lilies are speaking to my heart



The moon is beautiful tonight

And so is the field of lilies

They’re shining in the moonlight

Telling everything will be alright

The moon is beautiful tonight

I’m dancing in the field of lilies

Shine on me, moon, Shine on me

Keep the darkness away


I picked a lily

It’s red and beautiful

And it shines in my hand

Like the moon

That princess Kaguya returned to

But I won’t stay here

I won’t stay here and grow old

I’ll go to the moon

I’ll go to the stars

I’ll go to the ends of the universe

To keep this Lily

This close to my heart




This Lily will grow old

It will wilt and fall apart

The leaves will fall off

And they will fall to the ground

But it doesn’t matter

It will protect me

It will always protect me

Suki yo… Daisuki yo

I love you, my big sister Lily


OMG…  I wonder if she even knows what she wrote there.

Maybe… maybe she does.

I don’t think her guitar is a flash in the pan anymore.  I think she’s going places.  Lots of places.  And maybe… I’ll be lucky if I’m the one who gets to follow her around sometimes.

Love you all!!! ❤️


From the Creator:

Yeah, I wrote this.  Sue me.

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