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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Another boring Monday.  Monday Monday boring Monday.  Getsuyoubi!  Haha!!!

Getsuyoubi nanoni kigen warui no dosuruyo?  Natsufuku ga ii no desu kyawaii!!!!!

Well, they are!  Or they can be…

Some days my school uniform is pajamas, so…

Well.. mostly kidding.  Sabby wouldn’t let me get away with that.  But sweatpants?  That’s on the low end, but I’ve done that several times.

Not at college though…

Anyway… not a whole lot going on today.  Everyone’s just humming along.  Anathema seems like she’s on top of the world!!!  Even though… well.  That guy?  He’s getting the book thrown at him.  Let’s see if I can remember the charges.  Aggravated burglary (for having broken in to wait for her).  Menacing.  Stalking.  Intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.  Theft of a bullet…  I mean, they really threw the book at him.  I mean, Joe did get his bullet back, but it was damaged…

He’s not getting bail.  He’s been arraigned and is being remanded for trial.

Whatever that means.

He’s out of the hospital, but he’s not in much better shape.  He can’t really use his leg, and he’s stuck in a jail cell.  Poor guy.  NOT.

Anathema doesn’t have to testify, thank goodness.  Joe will, though.  I guess that’s one condition for the local police not trying to go after him for his use of lethal force (even though it wasn’t lethal) and letting his military chain of command deal with it.

He doesn’t mind.  He hopes the guy gets life.  And, well…. he just might.

Anathema is looking for another apartment, though.  Now that she knows she can be found, she thinks it’s better to go somewhere where it’s harder to find her.  That’s pretty smart.  And Joe’s teaching her to, well…   conceal carry.  I hope she never needs to use it.  So does she.

Joe’s being pulled off of detail, though.  Everyone involved (including his CO and Mrs. X) thinks everyone’s well guarded enough that he’s not needed anymore and he can go back to being security detail elsewhere.  We’ve got cops coming over to the shop constantly for free pastries, Anathema is staying with us until she can move, and I… well, I guess I can take care of myself.  I wonder how well my “gifts” work for defense.  I hope I never get to find out.

But, hey, he got a girlfriend out of the deal, so I guess he’s a winner after all.  And maybe a child too – though Anathema is absolutely going to find out who the father is after it’s born.  He’s not shirking responsibility that easily.  She just needs to find out first.  Joe’s open to adopting, but we’ll see.

I’ve almost got my piece down well enough to play it for the conductor.  Still working hard on it though, there’s a lot.  And Beth wants me to rehearse with her too, she’s really getting pretty good.  She wants to sing “idol”, as I said.  That’s great, I guess… I hope she doesn’t try to do the dance.  It seems disrespectful to the piece somehow to dance to it…

Anyway…  guess that’s all.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

Not much going on in the story right now, we’re in kind of a lull.  Some fun stuff coming up for sure, but not every day can be fun and games, right?


No, Lily, we’re not going to a yuuenchi.  But she hasn’t been to a waterpark for a while, maybe we can fit that in for her.  Truth is, when I first started this, she went to the waterpark all the time.  I throttled that back, not because she lost interest, but because I looked up how much they cost.  The Typhoon Texas in Pflugerville is pretty cheap comparatively, but it’s only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, give or take.  The indoor one in Kalahari is open year round, but is like $80 per person.  I was trying for realism, and even though Dave has a pretty good job, there’s no way they could keep that up at the same pace as they were.  So, that got axed.

I guess that’s realism, huh.

She still loves the waterpark though.  I think we’ll fit a visit or two in before the story ends.  Maybe as a graduation present.

Anyway…  gotta go.

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