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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’m still a little floored by Crystal’s song.

One reason is, she added in some Japanese symbology I didn’t even know she knew!  And it’s.. ummm… interesting symbology.  She brought up Princess Kaguya, who was taken home to the moon, leaving someone behind.  That she might have picked up from “Love is War”, they did bring that story up.  I didn’t think she was paying attention!

But the other was… she said “the moon is beautiful”. That’s something Japanese people usually say just before, well, confessing.

I asked her if she knew what that meant, and she said yes, but she didn’t mean it quite that way.  She said the song is a confession of love, but in the Kumiko kind of way from “Sound! Euphonium”, not in the other kind of way.  But she said that all that being said, she meant what she wrote and doesn’t regret it and is going to be putting it to music soon.

How did she know that, though??

It’s not like she’s been studying Japanese culture… has she?


I feel like I’ve created a monster.

But the good kind.

I feel bad, really.  I love Crystal, but I didn’t think she was that intelligent.  I thought she was just this sweet girl who’d been thrown a lot of curveballs by life, but was really just average in most ways.  But…  I’m starting to think that’s really not the case.  She’s proving that when she really wants to, she can rival… well, maybe not Britni, but maybe Liz.

Maybe that’s a lesson to me, I guess.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty quiet day.  Yuki is over tonight.  Liz would be, but she has lessons and homework.  Maybe next time.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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