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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I’m spending the night with Liz tonight.  Beth has Crystal over, but I don’t spend enough time with Liz.  It’s been a busy week!  She kinda wants to smack Jack, but he’s getting it bad enough from his mother.  She’s really, really not happy with him.  Cousin-scolding just doesn’t have the same zing to it.

Golden week is coming up!  That’s a week where Japanese people have all sorts of different holidays!  There’s Showa day, Constitution day, Greenery day, and Children’s day.  And of course if you listen to some of those idols, there’s ordinary day and adult day too.  Don’t forget to buy Babymetal DeLoreans!  Hahaha!!!

Long story behind that one, let’s just say Suzuka Nakamoto’s mind is a little odd.

Anyway, other than that, Liz and I are playing board games and watching YouTube.  We found this really weird group called the “Caramella Girls”, they have this song where they swish their hips so hard that it looks like they’ll get spine problems!!!  But it’s a fun song!  They did a couple more too!!  Apparently they were a meme a few years ago…

The Japanese people think it’s about balsamic vinegar!  That’s another long story…

Anyway, Liz and I doing all that, eating chocolate, and, you know, being our normal giggly selves.  Well, I’m being giggly.  Liz usually isn’t all that giggly.  She’s a bit serious sometimes.  But that’s okay!  Liz is Liz, and I’m Lily!!!

Oh!  I forgot to tell you!!!  My piano teacher wants me to do another recital!  But this time she wants me to do a concerto!  With an orchestra!  She wants me to be the soloist at a high school orchestra concert!

That might be fun!  But I’m a little nervous.  At least I have the gown for it!  Hahah!!!

I think I’m going to do the Schumann concerto!  It’s not as hard as some of them, and I think I can learn it!!!

Well, I’d better!


Okay!  Liz is sleepy and wants to go to bed.  Truthfully, I think I’m like her big breathing teddy bear sometimes.  But I don’t mind!  She’s my little Chinese anime doll, so we’re even!

OW!  She smacked me for that!!!  Hahaha!!!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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