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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Well.. they’re not in-laws yet.  But what should I call them?  mother-in-law-in-waiting?  I dunno.  There’s no real name for your boyfriends’ parents, is there?

But they invited me over for dinner.  He might be grounded, but they let me come visit.  They…  didn’t go anywhere, so it was just dinner – we couldn’t spend any time together alone.

That’s alright, I suppose.  Really it is.

He apologized to me.

I’m still not entirely sure he knew what for, but his parents said they’d raised him to be more respectful of both religions and women, and he failed with both with one joke.  I told them that I wouldn’t really have minded if it weren’t for the place.  They understood, but their point stood.  And… they weren’t wrong, really.  I told them about the pastor’s visit and they said that was very nice of him.

They’ve had bad experiences with Christians, but that impressed them.  A little, anyway.

Anyway, they made a nice, light Chinese dish, and it was delicious, as usual.  Lots of vegetables and rice and a light umami sauce.

Grace looked so confused.  We were talking about things that she didn’t understand.  But eventually she just tore into her food, sneaking bites of beef to Lily (the dog), and…  it was nice.

They’re starting to look at houses now that the prices are going down.  His father isn’t sure he can get a loan – that’s really tightened up – but he’s going to try.  That’s good.  They need a house.

Okay!!!  I got home a little late, and it’s late!  So goodnight!  Marie says goodnight too!!!  And cat doesn’t care.  She made that clear.

Love you all!!! ❤

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