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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

OMG that puppy is a handful!!!

I took her for a run this morning, and, well, that didn’t work.  She does like to run.  But she basically stopped for every tree, blade of grass, and leaf.  I ended up having to pick her up and run her home, which she liked, frankly far too much.  She’s a more leisurely walk dog, which is fine, but my runs aren’t leisurely walks.  But after I finished running, I took her for a walk, and she had a really good time.  Just sniffed EVERYTHING.

Maybe Sabby was right.  It’s nice having something to take care of.

And maybe she’s good for other reasons too.  David seems to have really taken a liking to her.  He took her out to the backyard and was throwing a ball, and she could have done it for hours!!!

So before writing this, I took her for a walk and put her in her crate.  She’s looking at me all baleful, but I know she’s tired and it’s bedtime.

I did a video call with Grace!!! I showed her my puppy and she showed me hers!!!  Hers is cute too!!!

Jack was happy that I got a puppy too.  He likes Grace’s, but he doesn’t really want to take care of it.  He kind of has to, though.  Grace is four.  She tries, but a four year old really can’t take care of a dog.  She can play with it, though!

Love you all!!! ❤

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